What Apps Can Help You with Math?

Mathematics, due to its abstract and cumulative character, can be difficult for humanities students to grasp. When they cannot answer complex tasks, some students may become anxious. They tend to complain about math being too hard, even if it isn’t difficult; they just don’t like doing math, because they aren’t good at it. Instead of running away from math, you should embrace it! There are tools and resources out there (such as CPM homework help) that can get your mathematics homework done with less stress and help you conquer your fear of math.

As a result of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of online math-solving platforms that are available to students for the sake of learning and practicing abstract concepts and making them more efficient. There are numerous apps available for this purpose, but to make things easier for you, we’ve narrowed your options down to just a few of the best. Read on to learn more about fantastic math apps like that!


The app lets you take a picture of a problem (you can also type it in, but that’s a little laborious), and it’ll not only give you an answer but the steps necessary to arrive at that answer — and even detailed explanations of the steps and concepts if you need them. It also automatically generates a lesson based on the problem you worked on, so you can go back and review the relevant material.

This is especially helpful for those who are still confused about how to solve a problem or who are meeting with a teacher for the first time and need help to understand what to do. Going over different problem-solving strategies can be beneficial for students in better grasping the concept.


Photomath, which is available for free for both Android and iOS platforms, also allows you to take a photo of a math problem and get a step-by-step answer. It may assist you with a wide range of Math issues, from fundamental arithmetic to fractions to trigonometry to linear and quadratic equations. This app has simple features, but it makes mathematics fun. It doesn’t just give you the answer, but it shows you the way. Hexagons, wedges, and crystals are some of the many examples of shape templates you can use. You can even create your own! With these skills learned, you’ll be able to solve almost any problem using the standard formulas.

Type in the problem you need to solve, and Photomath will do the rest.


It’s no wonder Mathway is one of the top math solvers for high school and college students. Mathway solves most complex equations and calculus problems instantly. This app is a must-have for students enrolled in math, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, and other math subjects. Mathway outshines other general-purpose calculators and is specially designed for students by offering them a step-by-step solution to each problem.

Equation Editor

This app allows you to see the equation you’re working on in 3D, and to easily change its size. This can be helpful for students if they need to scale their equation for a class project, or even just to understand it better. The app has a wide range of other useful features as well, such as being able to save your work in a variable or create a study group to share your screen with.


Algebrator is one of the most popular math tutoring apps on the market. Students can learn to solve homework issues in an easy-to-understand manner by using Algebrator’s step-by-step explanations of the answers to even the most complex math problems. The app has a built-in calculator that can be used to follow the explanation. However, due to the ease of use and clean design, users don’t have to dive into the details of the model being used to solve the problem. Plus, there are several add-ons available to extend the capabilities of Algebrator.


Cymath is a mathematics-related educational app. It is one of the homework assistance apps. Simply enter a problem from your math assignment, and Cymath will solve it for you step by step. It covers algebra topics such as equation solving, factoring, logarithms, exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometry, partial fractions, polynomial division, and so on, as well as calculus topics such as product rule, chain rule, integration by parts, trigonometric substitution, and so on.


CameraMath is a math solver app that uses photos to solve problems. You take a photo with your device’s camera or one of your stored photographs, crop the region of interest to the relevant question, and then tap the solution. The crucial information is extracted by the app’s artificial intelligence (AI). It solves the arithmetic problem by providing the findings in steps that the user can use to tackle similar problems in the future.

CameraMath solves math problems using images shot live or saved on a device. It assists students in checking their answers and, if they are incorrect, informs them how to rectify their method, making it an excellent math solver app.

Geometry Solver ²

Geometry Solver 2 is a straightforward tool for resolving geometry issues. It supports a wide range of 2D and 3D shapes and allows the user to enter values for any of the variables. The app then utilizes these to calculate other form attributes.

Students can readily experiment with how changing one variable in a geometric formula affects the others since the Geometry Solver 2 app is so quick and easy to use. It’s also a great reference tool, as each shape includes a list of the required equations.


WolframAlpha math solver is a strong math answer app that seeks to be “instantly computable and accessible to everyone capable.” Despite its appearance, this math solution application should not be confused with a search engine. It is an informational tool that provides precise responses based on data gathered from all relevant facts to your inquiry. It is a free online math solution app with steps. Students can learn anything because it covers a wide range of topics, but they must first learn how to ask the proper questions. WolframAlpha achieves EAS Certification with four stars for being an extremely dependable reference tool.

MyScript Calculator

The MyScript Calculator solves math problems in real-time. MyScript Interactive Ink’s math solver app, which was present in the previous edition. This math answer app allows the user to handwrite the arithmetic issue to receive better solutions. You may quickly remove the unwanted area by using scratching gestures. MyScript simulates writing on paper and analyzes the writing using machine learning.

In addition to basic arithmetic, square and cube roots, trigonometric equations, logarithms, and percentages are supported.


Gauthmath is a free math problem solver app that reads and solves mathematical issues immediately using your smartphone’s camera. Gauthmath uses clever technology to read math issues and deliver step-by-step instructions on how to address them, from fundamental arithmetic to sophisticated calculus.

The Gauthmath app is the finest app for solving mathematical problems since it provides free portable tutors for algebra, graphing, calculus, and all other complicated math problems at any time and from any location. This wonderful arithmetic tool can be extremely beneficial to anyone who is afraid of math.

In conclusion, there are many different apps that can help students who are struggling with math problems. Some of these apps are designed specifically for humanities students, while others are more general in nature. Whichever app you choose, be sure to consult with your professor or a math tutor to ensure that it is appropriate for your specific needs. With the right app, you can conquer your math anxiety and get the grades you deserve!

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