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Sujeeth Kalyan

Associate Editor

Sujeeth Kalyan is a content writer & social media specialist by day; a storyteller & a freelance writer by night. As a self-proclaimed prodigy in writing, he believes that language is borderless, and writing gives a person the absolute power to create and destroy things. Anyone can write as long as they have a strong narrative capability and the ability to emote feelings into words.

Suchita Verma


Hi, my name is Suchita Verma; I’m a movie and series enthusiast, the genre has always baffled me, and that led my path to write the stuff. I am a movie enthusiast. That passion from movies is what got me into creative writing. I dream to be a novel author someday. I wanna pen down something as thirst-quenching as Guillermo Del Toro’s 'Pan's Labyrinth' and 'The Wachowskis'.

Vaishnavi Reddy

Fact Checker

Graduated from the WTH Aachen University , Germany. Vaishnavi Reddy is dedicated to making sure the content we produce is factually accurate. She also makes sure the quality of news we publish is up to standards. She was a YouTube Journalist making investigative Informative videos. It is her deeply-rooted love for investigative reporting that led her to become a part of the Oracle Globe team in 2019.

Navyesh Kodali

SEO Expert

I'm a 24-year-old book lover and writer by passion and Computer Science Engineering Student at UTDallas. I love venturing through several genre books. I read books, newspapers, and magazines to squeeze out information, which helps me grow. I try to learn, adapt, and implement knowledge to frame the ideal content. I'm passionate about presenting a blend of my skills and learnings through my writings.

Siddharth Alapati

Social Media Manager

Siddharth has done his bachelor's in the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. And Graduated with a master's degree from University of Texas, Dallas. He is resident Social Media Manager and content manager.

Abhilash Reddy

Market Analyst

Abhilash Reddy did Masters in Advanced Computational Methods at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He is passionate about the stock market and writes technical analysis articles bi-weekly. He also hosts a podcast about basics of Forex Trading.

Devisha Prateek

Sr. Writer

Devisha Pareek is a 22-year-old doctor who discovered her love for writing, stories, history, music, literature, and politics. She is a bibliophile, an avid reader, a debater, a singer who resorts to stories and the fantasy world through books and movies every now and then.



Hema is a business school graduate. She is one of our most dynamic entertainment writers who excel in research. She mostly writes about south Indian movies, TV shows, and daily soaps. She also writes fantasy/fiction stories and published a series of science fiction novels.