5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Self-Editing

Writing is never a walk in the park. Rather, it is the sum of many skills that combine to create something magical. It requires a good understanding of linguistics, the usage of words, and the idea of putting the exact amount of information in it. Beyond that, it can become boring for the readers to read the paper.

Therefore, you need to have the right editing knowledge to help you build a solid essay paper to present in class. Furthermore, the editing skill will assist you in landing an editor’s job role in the future. It is a good paying job!

Consequently, the question arises: Do you know how to edit your papers properly? Because most students fail to edit their papers properly, and that leads to poor grades in the class. So, if you are struggling with the same issue, then look at the next section. We will give you tips to avoid those editing mistakes.

Mistakes To Avoid While Self-Editing

As discussed earlier, editing a paper takes a lot of efficiency and understanding, as you may want to create a paper with an exact amount of ingredients. It includes words you use to define things, understanding of the subject matter, and execution (editing and proofreading). Once you add everything, you can create a magical paper for readers to explore.

However, you need certain skills and knowledge; otherwise, the paper will have silly mistakes. According to the essay writing service Fresh Essays, here is a list of mistakes you should look to avoid in the essay –

Mistake 1: Editing And Writing Are Synonymous

One of the biggest mistakes students make is they think writing and editing goes hand-in-hand. Hence, they commit a mistake. They fail to understand the fact that writing is a creative process, whereas editing is analytical. Both are different from each other, and their approaches differ, which students need to figure out.

When you write an essay, you need to be creative and put your thoughts and words into action. Then, you must think of words and ways to merge with collected information. On the other hand, editing is analytical. You must use science to determine the best formula to get the best from the research work.

Mistake 2: Thinking Editing Is A One Stage Process

Often, students don’t take editing seriously. They think it is a one-stage process where they revise, point out the mistakes, and correct them. Therefore, it is becoming the reason for their low grades in the class. Consequently, you must know editing happens in separate phases. Each phase improves the essay’s quality. Here are a few stages to follow –

Developmental editing phase: You look at the big picture and consider the knowledge and facts added to the paper. It includes the stats, figures, tone, and writing style.

Line editing phase: Here, you read the paper line by line and point out the mistakes lurking in it. It includes the word choices and how you present the essay’s data.

Copy editing phase: In this phase, you think about the grammatical mistakes, syntaxes, adverbs, and voice to make the paper more direct.

At last, you do proofreading once and for all. That way, you get to figure out everything in the paper, especially the alignment of every word, knowledge, and presentation. Then, you submit your paper.

Mistake 3: Relying Too Much On Editing Software

Another mistake that students make is relying too much on editing software like Grammarly and ProwritingAid. They save time and effort that goes into the editing part. However, you need to proofread the work afterward because even they leave issues in the paper. The application does not give 100% assurance.

Therefore, as a student, you need to balance the whole thing out. You can use them to edit, but you can expect them to write your papers throughout. Consequently, read your papers carefully, look for mistakes in the paper, and then correct them. Furthermore, they won’t assist you with including statistics, facts, and figures in the paper. So, use them with great caution.

Mistake 4: Writing Too Much Fillers

The biggest enemy of writers is the writers themselves. They create their own trap and fall into it. The whole thing occurs when they add too many adverbs or include unnecessary fillers in the paper. Fillers take up much of the space in the paper – thus, it leaves little room for adding information to the paper.

Furthermore, when you add too much filler, it becomes daunting to undo the mistakes and build a high-quality paper. Also, it will become easy for your professor to identify the mistakes and your lack of knowledge. Therefore, when you are self-editing, you need to be very particular about what you add to the paper. Try sticking to just throughout the paper.

Mistake 5: Not Calling For Help

It is wise to take secondary help, especially when you are writing an essay. An outside opinion can help you figure out the paper’s issues and correct them. However, modern students rely too much on editing software and refrain from getting outside help. The knowledge you can gain from your family and friends will assist in building a high-quality essay paper.

Also, a good critique of your paper can help with writing consistency and the inclusion of facts and statistics. That way, you can avoid the mistakes prevailing in the paper and make it perfect to score an A+. Therefore, take your paper to your friends and family and ask them to review it. They will make your paper into a publishing quality paper.

In Essay Writing, Mistakes Can Cost You Grades

In the end, we can say that editing is a key part of writing an essay. It is as crucial as writing and adding facts and figures to them. Therefore, you should take self-editing seriously and focus on building your essay skills. You can look at the mistakes mentioned in the above discussion for assistance. It will keep the issues out of your essay and help you to get good grades on the paper.

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