The Best Ways To Stay Calm, Prepared And Relaxed When Moving To A New Country

Moving to a new country brings major life changes. It’s a massive step for you and your family if you’re taking a new opportunity overseas. Things have been tough enough in the UK job market in the last couple of years, and a big part of what we saw with the Great Resignation and quiet quitting is that a lot of people out there have been in the market for a big change. While exciting, a foreign relocation also involves a lot of preparation and adaptation. Following key tips on packing, logistics, legalities, and self-care will help you tackle the challenges smoothly and make the most of your international move.

Sort Possessions And Arrange Shipping

Decide what’s worth packing and shipping overseas and what should be sold, donated, or trashed. This weeds out unnecessary clutter. Essential documents, cherished items and necessities are priorities.

Research shipping costs for air/sea freight and your belongings’ customs duties. Remember to act in plenty of time as shipping delays have been a massive issue lately. Hire an international moving company to handle logistics like consolidating, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery.

Secure A Visa And Residency Permits

Once you’ve chosen your destination country, determine which visas and permits are required for legal residency, based on your circumstances. Account for processing times, which can be months for some visas. Brexit has made moving to and living in the EU more complicated so don’t forget to factor this in. You don’t want to be caught out because you didn’t apply for your visa early enough for your expected start date.

Have all required paperwork and translations ready to submit with your applications. Retain copies of all approved visas and permits for your records. Stay on top of renewal deadlines as well.

Arrange Housing And Banking

Start scouting housing options in your new locale. Renting initially allows more flexibility to get your bearings. Reach out to rental listings ahead of arrival and set up virtual viewings where possible.

Set up a local bank account for everyday banking once you have an address. Transferwise and other services make it easy to move money internationally. Cancel accounts and credit cards not needed abroad.

Understand Customs And Etiquette

To avoid misunderstandings, study your new home’s traditional customs, manners, and taboos. Greetings, dining etiquette, dress codes, societal roles and communication styles differ widely across cultures. Respecting cultural norms helps you assimilate graciously.

Connect with locals or expats online before moving to learn insider tips. Also, brush up on some key phrases in the local language. Blending in will take adjustments but relocating anywhere requires learning.

Ship Your Car Or Purchase One Locally

For moves overseas, assess the costs of shipping your current vehicle versus selling it and buying one in your new location. Selling avoids import duties but locally purchased cars may have high taxes.

Research the make/model reliability, registration rules, driver’s license requirements, insurance norms, traffic laws and gas prices to make the best car decision abroad.

Update Important Personal Documents

Once you settle into your new overseas home, transfer identification documents like driver’s licenses and update government IDs and insurance policies to local versions.

File change of address notices with previous employers for pensions, taxes, and benefits. Update bank and credit card companies, subscriptions, and memberships with new contact details as well.

Downtime Entertainment Options Are Crucial

Relocating abroad means severing ties to much of what you previously did for fun and fulfilment during your free time. Packing some favourite entertainment options can ease the transition to unfamiliar surroundings during periods of leisure.

Moving means limited space but e-books, downloaded playlists, podcasts, films, and shows take no space. Load up devices with plenty to entertain during downtime. Streaming may be limited until you get local accounts.

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Pack Nostalgic Games And Puzzles

Beyond digital entertainment, traditional pastimes offer comfort. Pack playing cards, crossword puzzles, musical instruments, craft supplies and board games evoking childhood memories.

These quiet activities relax the mind while keeping hands busy. They require no language fluency either. Simple fun from the past helps make the present less stressful.

Research Local Recreational Offerings

While you’ll crave the familiar initially, make efforts to engage in popular recreational activities where you move. Going to local gyms, theatres, galleries, festivals, concerts, and attractions helps you integrate into your new community faster.

Pursuing hobbies that you enjoy in group settings is also worthwhile. You may find a new favourite hobby and make friends who share interests. New places hold potential for personal growth.

Make New Social And Support Connections

One challenge of an international move is establishing a new social circle and support system abroad. We’ve all learned a lot about how isolation can impact mental health in the last few years. Combat loneliness by joining local clubs, taking classes and volunteering to meet like-minded residents.

Connect with relocation associations and expat groups that host helpful seminars and community events. Reach out to other newcomers arriving around the same time. Building friendships may take time but makes relocation easier.

Keep Up Routines Like Cooking Familiar Foods

When so much is new, small routines bring normalcy. Seek out ingredients to cook favourite comfort foods from home, which provide literal and figurative nourishment during transitions.

Even mundane habits like how you take coffee and tea, how you read the news, or the little things you do to start the day retain their importance for self-care. Blend the old with the new.

While moving abroad is a big change, packing nostalgic entertainment helps make downtime in a foreign place feel more like home. Leisure fun is key for your outlook and mental health in a new country.

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Josh Linus
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