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We all know that business environments can no longer be limited to offices. Even if we were familiar with remote working in some professions, it was not common as it is now. Although there are so many reasons why remote working has become popular, the most striking one is the Covid-19 pandemic. The world has faced lockdowns and people have been obliged to stay away from their offices. This situation forced companies to come up with a solution immediately and they started to adapt their businesses to virtual working. This was not about a preference anymore but a compulsory one.

But, it is not only Pandemic or lockdowns that make people think about remote working. Developments in technology such as video conference service providers, cloud systems, and other applications facilitate working out of the office. In a nutshell, increased communication and data access opportunities give people the idea that traditional offices are no longer a necessity to run a business effectively. Today, plenty of companies prefer to employ remote employees all over the world and extend their business areas regardless of their workers’ location.

It is undeniable that remote working provides a flexible working environment for both employers and employees. So, people can focus more on their business instead of thinking about other unfavorable factors such as moving to another city for their dream work, transportation costs, or leisure time problems.

After a brief introduction, we want to mention the best places to work remotely for ones who consider working remotely someday and want to expand their scope of remote working choices. In this index, destinations will be evaluated mainly in terms of cost of living, internet connection, safety, equality, political stability, and social and cultural facilities.

4 Great Destinations To Work Remotely

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

According to the top global index, Denmark 2. ranks. You can consider Denmark for its excellent healthcare system, great education opportunities, and cost of living. To take advantage of health facilities you need to register in the system and obtain your CPR-number equivalent to a social insurance number. If you decide to move to Denmark as a digital nomad, you do not need to be worried about Visa. Dealing with Visa for Denmark will not be a big problem for you.

It is a place where you can feel equality, socio-economics stability, technical advantages and a comfortable society. When taken into account that you will work remotely, social life will absolutely be important for you. In this respect, Denmark is capable of meeting your social needs.

  • Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is #18 according to the Global Remote Work Index. Living costs in Lisbon are relatively low when compared to other west European cities. From a financial point of view, Lisbon can be a good choice for those who want to live in Europe and also save some money. Stable and speed internet connectivity is another aspect to consider Lisbon as a remote working destination.

Another attraction of Lisbon is that it has a coworking culture and it grows day by day. In Lisbon, there are many coworking spaces where employees work remotely and socialize at the same time. It diminishes the stress of feeling alone which most remote workers are suffering from. Lisbon has a great public transportation network. So, meeting with friends at any co-working space would not be a problem for remote workers.

  • Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is #29 according to the Global Remote Work Index. With an advanced internet infrastructure and robust tech industry, Dublin is one of the destinations that you can prefer for remote working in Europe. When it comes to remote working, stable and rapid internet connection becomes a priority. But, technical advantages are not the only reason to choose Dublin to become a digital nomad.

In terms of social life opportunities, Dublin offers a satisfying social scene. Remote workers should take social living conditions into account to fulfill their needs. Social events and group meetings are prominent for digital nomads because they are out of the office environment and it may become a problem to maintain sociability. In this context, Dublin can meet remote workers’ needs. But, digital nomads should keep in their mind that although Dublin has great social life conditions, the cost of living could be a problem. So, living in Dublin may be costly for remote employees but can be ignored to live high life standards.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Living in Buenos Aires can be profitable if you earn US dollars. Even if you earn $1,000- 2,000 per month, you can obtain high quality of life standards. Not thinking about their financial situations may be a good chance for digital nomads to focus on their life and develop their businesses.

Another advantage of living in Buenos Aires as a remote employee is thriving start-up opportunities. The support of the government for start-ups is remarkable for entrepreneurs. So, if you are a newbie in the start-up sector and looking for remote working opportunities, you can consider Buenos Aires which is 54. ranked in the Global Remote Work Index a prominent destination.

The Future of Remote Work

Demand for remote work has been increasing day by day because of changing conditions of life and the requests of employees. To make your business more interesting and live wherever you want without compromising career opportunities, you must evaluate remote working opportunities.

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