Tamil Nadu Land Registration and Online Records Portal @ tnreginet.gov.in

TNREGINET is as its name signify is an online Sub Registrar office of Tamil Nadu State. As this website is equipped with a lot of handy services from the state government to the common people, it will totally reduce the repetitive visit to Government offices.

The site offers a wide range of services including Land Registration and Patta Chitta (Land Payments), certified registered documents and encumbrance certificate all online. The content of the Website is prepared with great care and in accordance with the laws and regulations. It is available both in the Ruling Local Language Tamil and in English for the ease of the users.

Tamil Nadu Land Registration and Online Records Portal @ tnreginet.gov.in


This portal is mainly intended for the Registration of Land Records of Tamil Nadu in the online process. It will drastically reduce the duplication of the documents and also help in deleting any false document. User can easily access the documents online by simply logging into the Website. All other vital functions the website does for the Tamil citizens are described in detail below. This is not a central government initiative and it is not accessible for anyone other than the Tamil Citizens.


Certificates and other documents you can apply and receive by registering through this web-portal are:

  • Encumbrance Certificate- Apply online, Search, and View the document.
  • Marriage Certificate Application
  • Check any Application Status
  • Get Official Guidelines for Application
  • Documents such as Birth Certificate, Death Certificate and other vitals issued by the Government
  • Stamp Duty Valuation Checking Facility
  • Building Value Calculation

All these documents could be accessed with a few clicks, filling the necessary details in the specified fields. Among all these aforesaid services the major one is the Land Records Portal.In this particular part, the website works most efficiently. Let us check,

  • Procedure for Application
  • How to check Status, Guideline, etc.
  • How to get an Encumbrance Certificate (ECTNREGINET)

TNREGINET Online Portal: Registration

For enjoying the handy services provided by this website with a lot more advantages user must log in first. See below for the process in detail.

  • Open the official website of the TNREGINET Online Portal.
  • From the menu, hover to ‘Registration’ to select ‘User Registration’ from the dropdown menu
    Tamil Nadu Land Registration and Online Records Portal @ tnreginet.gov.in
  • From the new window that opens, select the User Classification appropriately to continue filling the form. (citizen, document writer, and lawyer)
  • Choose User Name ( can be in the Tamil Language also) and Password following the requirements of the website.
  • Now provide the Personal Identification details such as Address, contacts, proofs, etc which are mandatory.
    Tamil Nadu Land Registration and Online Records Portal @ tnreginet.gov.in
  • Finish the registration by providing the Phone Number for receiving OTP which will verify your account.
  • Enter the Captcha code and click “complete the log”.
    (Captcha- Enter the Letters present in the Image)

You are now registered to the TNREGINET Online Portal Successfully. Now you can log in to the portal and start using the services flawlessly.

TNREGINET Online Portal: Login

In the homepage itself, the Login portal is available. You must be an existing user to follow this process. You can follow the steps mentioned above to register if you are a new user.

  • Head over to the official website.
  • The Login option is available on the Right side of the home page.
  • Enter User Name, Password (case sensitive) and Captcha code to log in.

Tamil Nadu Land Registration and Online Records Portal @ tnreginet.gov.in

  • Now click the login button.

Note: You should use the dedicated “Officers login” option if you are an Official.

TNREGINET Online Portal: EC Access

EC or Encumbrance Certificate is vital to check before to know the status of a property before any registration process. This will make the Government services related to this area transparent for the people. It is always recommended to check the details of the property under observation before buying for avoiding any problems in the future. The process to check this is described below.

  • Visit the homepage of the official website. (Keep the details you need to feed the online form)
  • In the ‘Electronic Services’ option in the main menu, you will see ‘Proof of archery’ in the dropdown.
    Tamil Nadu Land Registration and Online Records Portal @ tnreginet.gov.in
  • Hover over the ‘Proof of archery’ and click on the ‘Viewing the villain’ option.
  • In the new window, you have to select between
  • For Proof of Archery, you need Details such as Territory, District, Delegation Office, etc.
    and also the field details.
  • For Document wise access, you need to provide details like Document Number, Delegation office, etc.
  • Now click the search button.

This simple portal can save you a visit to the Government office.

Note: The Testimony Details are accessible from the ‘Electronic Services’ tab itself.

Check TNREGINET Guidelineby using the Guide Value search option. Enter the details accordingly and submit. You can now see the Guide value for your land property.

Tamil Nadu Land Registration and Online Records Portal @ tnreginet.gov.in

TNREGINET: Customer Care

  • 1800 102 5174 (Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 8:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • Phone: 044-24640160
  • Email: helpdesk@tnreginet.net
  • Address: No.100, Santhome Highway, Chennai-600028, Tamil Nadu, India.

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