Godzilla vs. Kong OTT Release Date – All about the film’s OTT release

Godzilla vs. Kong arrived in the theatres on March 26, 2021, and received booming feedback from the audience. The fans immensely admired the plot, screenplay, VFX work. With few days of its release, the movie garnered an excellent box office collection. Right from its theatrical release, the fans are eagerly anticipating its OTT launch. Finally, here is some good news.

Godzilla vs. Kong, created by Warner Bros., has stunned the audience and captured insane positive reviews. It is the fourth installment in the Legendary Monster Verse after the three blockbusters, ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Kong – The Skull Island,’ ‘Godzilla – The King of Monsters.’ Godzilla vs. Kong is currently streaming in the theatres, and the viewers are waiting for its OTT release. So, without any ado, let’s dive in to find the movie’s OTT release dates.

Godzilla vs. Kong OTT Release Date

Godzilla vs. Kong OTT Release Date

After mind-blowing success in cinema halls, Godzilla vs. Kong has finally hit HBO Max in the US and on Premium Video on Demand in the UK. The fans can now witness the action-packed battle between the true titans, Godzilla and Kong. Few days before its official release HBO Max excited the audience with some leaks of the release, and finally, the movie was available for the US audience on March 31.

Godzilla vs. Kong has created a buzz around the audience, and some of the hot spoilers from the movie are revolving online. The movie has attracted every age group of fans. Whether it’s kids or grown-up, it is a treat for all. According to authoritative reports, the film has already been listed on the Google Play Store page.

Godzilla VS Kong 2 sequel

Therefore, the viewers will see the movie hit the big streaming platforms like Amazon Prime much earlier than expected. Amazon Prime is most likely to come with the OTT release of Godzilla vs. Kong in India. However, the officials have made no announcements about the OTT release date till now.

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