A Look at Celebrities Home Security: Smart Tech, Tunnels, and More

Due to their fame and wealth, criminals often target celebrities, as seen in Kim Kardashian’s 2016 robbery in Paris, where thieves posed as police and stole $10 million in valuables. In response, celebrities like Kim have taken notable steps to enhance their family’s safety, such as her purchase of a $1.2 million armored vehicle.

In 2022, spurred by increased high-profile crimes in Los Angeles, many Hollywood stars hired in-home bodyguards. These security professionals employ cutting-edge methods like drone surveillance and celebrity look-alikes, with annual protection costs often exceeding $1 million. While they may not be searching for cheap locksmith prices, many celebrities have adopted advanced smart security systems similar to those we use for our own home protection. In this article, we explore some of the interesting security measures employed by celebrities.

A Look at Celebrities Home Security: Smart Tech, Tunnels, and More

Harry Styles: Smart Locks and Cameras

Harry Styles fell victim to a stalker, so he brought some serious upgrades to this home security. According to reports, Harry installed smart locks, alarms, and surveillance cameras in his home in London, which send him alerts whenever they identify any movement. He also bought the adjacent homes to create a “fortress of security.” Harry is almost always seen accompanied by his seven-foot bodyguard.

David and Victoria Beckham: Gated Entrance and an Underground Tunnel

As a result of the rise in celebrity home invasions in 2022, the power couple announced their intention to hit the refresh button on their home security at their Cotswolds residence. As part of their plans, the duo announced a massive gated entrance with 24/7 security guards and an underground tunnel they would use to escape a possible home invasion.

Johnny Depp: The House with a Single Entrance

The quirky actor has an equally peculiar home protected by towers, turrets, and battlement around it. While it might sound like a medieval home, his fortress actually packs all the security wonders of our modern days, including monitoring cameras and security guards.

One peculiar feature is that the mansion has just one entrance, which means it is almost impossible for anyone to enter it without being spotted. The tall trees surrounding the premises also do a fantastic job of obscuring the view inside the house. While this might seem like a smart idea for everyone, beware that trees could also prevent neighbors or passers-by from noticing potential burglars attempting to break into your home unless you can afford round-the-clock security.

Tom Cruise: Top Security for the Top Gun Star

The movie star lives in a mansion that has been cleverly sectioned into different areas requiring fingerprint identification. His staff, therefore, only has limited access to those parts of the house they are responsible for servicing. An electric gate also surrounds the property, with 24/7 guards at the entrance. According to The Mail on Sunday (via the Telegraph), Cruise spends no less than $2.6 million yearly on security. In 2008, the actor allegedly bought bomb-proof vehicles for himself, his then-wife Katie Holmes, and their daughter Suri Cruise. He even reportedly hired a body double to protect his daughter.

After the “Million: Impossible 7” star had his BMW and luggage worth over $100,000 stolen by his own bodyguard while filming in the UK in 2021, Cruise strengthened his security even more.

Lady Gaga’s Multiple Panic Rooms

Lady Gaga went through a horrifically stressful event. Her longtime dog walker was shot and injured near death, and her three English bulldogs were dognapped in 2021. The singer decided to install a panic room with advanced controls to safeguard herself and her beloved dogs in every property under her ownership. In May 2023, Lady Gaga again made the national headlines with another security scare when her Malibu home security system was activated because a stranger had trespassed on her property. Gaga called the police to report the incident, and her security staff safely identified the intruder, who claimed he wanted to give her flowers and handed him over to the authorities.

Final Thoughts

The security measures embraced by celebrities highlight the paramount importance of safety and privacy in their daily lives. These precautions span from cutting-edge smart security systems to personal bodyguards and even fortified safe rooms, reflecting their unwavering commitment to maintaining a secure environment in an ever-evolving security landscape. While their methods may appear lavish, they serve as a compelling reminder that safeguarding one’s safety and peace of mind should remain a top priority for everyone, irrespective of their social status.

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