Where Was Deadwater Fell Filmed? Is Kirkdarroch the Real Filming Location?

‘Deadwater Fell’ is a British mini-series consisting of four parts or episodes. David Tenant, who is best known for portraying the tenth incarnation of Doctor Who in the titular sci-fi show essays the role of the protagonist. The show revolves around a family from an idyllic Scottish village. Tenant plays the character of Tom Kendrick, whose wife and three kids die in a fire. Kendrick’s grief worsens when he is accused of being responsible for the death of his family members. Over time, the investigation leads to the discovery of familial conflicts that defy the Kendricks’ ideal family image.

Where Was Deadwater Fell Filmed?

‘Deadwater Fell’ is a tragic drama set in a small Scottish village. Centering around a man accused of killing his family, the British mini-series employs a picturesque, rural backdrop to stand in stark contrast to its dark tale. ‘Deadwater Fell’ is set in a Scottish village known as Kirkdarroch. The setting plays a crucial role in the narrative, almost acting like another character. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the mini-series was actually filmed. Is Kirkdarroch a real place?

Ayrshire, Scotland

‘Deadwater Fell’ was filmed entirely in the Ayrshire county located in Southwest Scotland. To be more specific, filming was carried out in the villages of Dunlap and Kilbarchan in the Renfrewshire Council Area in Ayshire, Scotland.

As one would have been able to guess by now, Kirkdarroch is completely fictional. It does not exist. The place is filmed using a combination of scenes filmed at Dunlap and Kilbarchan. The two villages are situated just half an hour away from Glassgow, by car.

In Dunlop, a majority of the filming was carried out on Main Street. In the first episode of ‘Deadwater Fell,’ Dunlop’s Primary School can be seen. Moreover, according to local sources, Dunlop’s historic church also appears in the mini-series, apart from the post office. Moreover, the community center also features on ‘Deadwater Fell.’ However, locals might not immediately recognize it since it was made to double up as a police station for filming purposes.

Apart from Dunlap and Kilbarchan, one other place also proved to be a primary filming location, simply due to the importance of the scene which was shot there. To be clearer, the scene where the Kendricks go for a family outing was filmed at Culzean Beach and Culzean Country Park. This is where the scene involving the protagonist’s wife storming off after an argument was shot. A few scenes from the 1973 movie, ‘The Wicker Man’ had also been filmed on Culzean Beach.

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