Where is Amber Rachdi Now Living? My 600-lb Life Today in 2020

Amber Rachdi came to limelight when she appeared on the eighth season of the hugely popular reality tv show ‘My 600-lb Life’. She is one of the few success stories of the TLC show. Hailing from Oregon, her journey was filmed for one whole year. She weighed 657.6 lbs at the start of the show and dropped down to 390.5 lbs at the end of her journey.

Amber Rachdi: My 600-lb Life Journey

A 23-year-old woman, Amber, was not a normal young adult who could go to college, party, and hang out with her friends all day. Her weight had made her so homebound that it was difficult for her to perform simple tasks like bathing or walking down the stairs. Even at five years of age, Amber weighed over 150 pounds, and by the time she was 16, she had to depend on a wheelchair to move around.

An undiagnosed anxiety disorder triggered an eating disorder in her teen years, and when it reared its ugly head again, Amber knew it was time to take action. Binge-eating was her way of combating her anxiety issues and be at peace. Consuming four gigantic meals and a ton of candy every day was what comforted her.

She then decided to come on the show with her supportive family, who had been taking care of her. With her fate in the hands of Dr. Now, she strived to be better and healthier. Dr. Now suggested her ways to reduce her daily calorie intake and simple exercises that would increase her physical movement. Even though she followed his advice religiously, she could only shed 20 pounds. That’s when Dr. Now approved her for a gastric bypass surgery wherein he reduced the size of her stomach to that of a baseball. She was one of the few contestants on the show who had undergone this surgery.

She shared that the surgery had motivated her to change her lifestyle and learn new habits that would improve her body. She also believed that taking responsibility for her obesity and disciplining herself is what made a difference. Amber began to hit the gym daily, and she also started going to a therapist for her anxiety issues.

By the end of the show, she had dropped a whopping 267 lbs, looking better and healthier than ever!

Where is Amber Rachdi Now?

Reports suggest that after the season wrapped up, Amber had lost an extra 200 pounds more! That means she has almost lost 400 pounds altogether after embarking on her weight-loss journey. An inspiration to many, Amber has become an Instagram star! With thousands of followers, she makes sure to share motivational tips with her fans. She constantly updates her Instagram account with her glamorous selfies and transformation pictures. The fans are in awe of her beauty, her sharp facial features, her fashion style, her makeup looks, her cute hairstyles, her trendy nail art, and her eyebrows that are always on fleek! Some of her followers are so impressed that they want her to pursue modeling.

A happy, healthy, and confident woman, Amber has also become independent now. She has her own apartment and car and leads a more social life. Sources revealed that after the show, she went back to college and graduated. She had hinted at being an English major.

Reports also suggest that she was approached to feature on the spin-off show ‘My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?’ The spin-off would have highlighted her process of transformation, but she refused to do it. She shared with the media that she had a bad experience working with the showmakers. She wasn’t comfortable with the crew’s attitude. She even felt a bit bullied as they wouldn’t respect her personal space. Many of them threatened to cancel her surgery if she didn’t cooperate. She also confessed that one of the producers forced her to do a nude shower scene, but she disagreed and stood her ground firmly.

A few months back, rumors of her skin reduction and plastic surgery started doing rounds on the internet, which she denied saying that she couldn’t afford any more surgeries.

Another news that might take you by surprise is that she broke up with her boyfriend, who she was with during the filming of the show. When she realized that he was toxic for her and her progress, she moved on to a new and better man. In 2016, she announced on her Twitter account that she was getting married. She did not reveal the identity of her husband as she wants to keep her family life private now.

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