Updates of final Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Live: # BB3 Real TangibleManKavin latest trends on Twitter when non-finalist is trending on Twitter in Bigg Boss History

The ending of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 finale had an overgenerous end in which Sherin 3 is evicted and turns to be the third runner up. On the other hand, it is predicted that Losliya will be the second runner up. Finally, Sandy and Mugen will battle for the top 2.

Furthermore, when fans of the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 are getting excited to know the winner, ex-contestant Kavin is putting his reviews on Twitter.

According to the reports, the base of Kavin fans is so large inspite of battling for finals he is trending on Twitter. In this regard, the fans had surprised him with the fabulous tweets in his favor.

Kavin Choses 50 Lakhs Bigg Boss Tamil

When you talk about all the contestants of Bigg Boss, Tamil 3, Kavin is the only person who has a significant base of followers. Predictions stated that due to his fans, he would surely win the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

But, the shocking twist came in the history of Bigg Boss that Kavin has decided to leave the house with his prize money worth of 5 lakhs.

Surprisingly, with this twist, Kavin receives the award of a game-changer in top reality shows Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Most fundamentally, when you see the views of his fans, you will be surprised to know that yes, he is the clever man who knows very well how to make a public follow him.

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