Types Of Employee Benefits Offered In The United States

Potential employment candidates tend to look for more than just the wage and job requirements before applying for a position. One of the most important things prospective employees look for in a job is the benefits that their potential future employer might offer them. There is currently a ‘great resignation’ occurring at all levels of employment. Disgruntled or disenchanted employees are quitting their jobs at an unprecedented rate. In order to retain staff more effectively, companies have began to offer more comprehensive benefits to their contracted staff.

At the other end of the spectrum, the so-called ‘gig economy’ operates on the basis that workers are not contractually bound to a company This means that gig economy workers are not being given any benefits at all. This is not the way to progress justly into the future. Here are some of the benefits that are being offered by companies to their staff in order to entice and retain the best candidates.

  • Mental Health Help

As employers become more aware of how work can impact the mental health of employees, many of them have attempted to alleviate the strain by offering some degree of mental health care to their charges. Some companies offer free counseling, while others offer access to online counseling services. Serious mental health problems cannot be alleviated with this measure, and are best dealt with by offering employees paid time away from work and adequate healthcare insurance so that they can undergo meaningful treatment without facing financial ruin.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most important Employee benefits offered to workers in the USA. Health insurance and uninsured healthcare are extremely expensive in America – much more so than in most other nations. It is therefore essential that a workplace offers employee insurance as part of their benefits package. Employers get great deals on health insurance due to their repeat custom.

  • Education

Education can help ambitious employees progress and is often offered as a benefit. Educated employees also help a company promote people from within – creating a better workplace culture. Offering this will show that you care for your employees and their overall life and career success.

  • Childcare

The provision of childcare is immensely important when a parent is looking for employment. According to the US Department of Labor, 88.5 percent of families have at least one member in employment. A growing number of families are maintained by two working parents or one single parent that works. This means that a huge quantity of people need to have some kind of childcare arranged in order to do their jobs. Workplaces can help by providing childcare as a benefit included in the contract of an employee. Workplace childcare programs can include onsite daycare or discounted care at local childcare facilities. In order to achieve equality for the mothers of children, childcare must be subsidized so that they can earn enough money to provide for their families. Disturbingly, only 6 percent of US businesses offer any kind of childcare as an employee benefit. Offering this kind of benefit can help you stand out to prospective candidates with children.

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