The best way to fix Office 365 Mac editing issues

Every year, more and more people use Apple technology. Mac users still favor using the Microsoft Office software packages, though. When working with spreadsheets, documents, or other Microsoft Office-compatible files, it is quite helpful and comfortable.

The best way to fix Office 365 Mac editing issues

Pc users often encounter various errors. And one of the most popular “your account doesn’t allow editing on a mac”. When this pop-up window appears on your screen, it means that you simply cannot edit your documents, and all your files will open as read-only. This is usually due to a problem with verifying the validity of your Microsoft Office registration. Thankfully, this isn’t a permanent problem, and there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can follow to try and fix it. It’s annoying and frustrating because you won’t be able to work with documents even if your subscription allows it. Here’s how to fix it:

Make sure your Microsoft Office subscription is active

Your Office 365 subscription may have expired without you knowing it. To check if this is the problem, go to and sign in to your account. Go to My Account -> Subscriptions panel then check if Office 365 works. If it’s not there, it means it’s expired or you’re using an account without a subscription

Fix by deleting potentially corrupted files

Microsoft has identified an issue that can cause “Your account doesn’t allow editing on Mac” errors due to corrupted files. The fix is ​​simple but time-consuming because you will have to manually open each application section in the Microsoft Office package, log out of your account, and close it. Once you have done this, you need to:

  • Open Finder and select Go -> Go to Folder.
  • Type “~/Library” and click “Go”.
  • Select the “Group Containers” folder.
  • Delete these files, UBF8T346G9. Desk, UBF8T346G9. OfficeOsfWebHost and empty the recycle bin.

Open the Office apps again and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Reinstall Office 365

  • In the Mac Dock, click Finder
  • Select the Mac platform under Devices, and then click Apps.
  • Press the Command key to select all MS Office applications.
  • Press the Ctrl key and click the selected MS Office applications.
  • You can then select the “Move to Trash” option.

Then reinstall the MS Office suite and reactivate it. On-premises Office 365 applications, such as Word, sometimes cannot detect that they are activated. Microsoft Teams have several reasons for this and invite you to confirm your subscription via this link and provide them with a screenshot of your license. However, to fix the problem in a simple way:

  • Click Activate Office and sign in to your Microsoft account.
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