Release Date of The Voice Season 18 Episode 8 ‘The Battles Part 3’: Cast, Spoilers and Streaming Details, Where to Watch?

The Voice is an American version of International singing competition franchise show The Voice. Contestants are selected through a public audition and then selected performers to have to go through training phase with their respective coaches. The Voice has been airing on NBC since 2011.

The Voice Season 18 Episode 8 will be coming out on Monday. This episode is titled ‘The Battles Part 3’. With this episode The Battles round of this show is will be concluded. This is basically the last round of the Battles and as The Battle round is about to be concluded, we can expect this competition to get fiercer and cutthroat.

Similar to last 2 The Battle rounds, this will too feature dual duet and one will either be selected and the other one will be saved/stolen/rejected. This episode will be full of intensity, excitement and as usual a little emotional because of the candidates getting knocked out. So be ready for the amazing performances to rock your day again this week. Be sure to catch this episode only on NBC.

Release Date and Streaming Details

The Voice Season 18 Episode 8 will be coming out on Monday 06 April 2020. This episode is titled ‘The Battles Part 3’ and with this episode, The Battles round will come to an end. This phase really handpicked some divine voices to go ahead and gave them a chance to compete for their journey of The Voice and some really good singers lost this battle to this round. This episode will go on air at 8:00 pm (US) only on NBC.

You can either watch this episode on NBC at the given timeslot or you can watch it later online. Some streaming services that have The Voice Season 8 available for streaming are Hulu, Google Play Movie and iTunes. It will also be made available to stream on NBC official website on the next day. The Voice Season 18 has been liked so far and is rated 6.5/10, 6.5/10 and 71% on IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes.


The Voice Season 18 Episode 7 released last week. It is titled ‘The Battles Part 2’. This episode was a rocking one was we got to see one after one amazing performance. Though we are heartbroken to see some of the most melodious voices were let go. From Team Blake, it was Toneisha Harris Vs, Jacob Daniel Murphy. Their performance was worth giving a standing ovation but the winner can only be one. Toneisha is announced to be a winner while Jacobs full stop was put to Jacobs The Voice journey. Next up was a face-off between Cam Spinks and Kailey Abel. Without any doubt Can Spinks has professed a winner and Kailey was neither saved or stolen.

From Team Kelly, it was Gigi Hess Vs Micah Iverson and Oh My Word! This performance was the one we can swear by from now on but unfortunately, Gigi Hess was neither saved or stolen. From Team John, in CammWess Vs Mandi Castillo CammWess was Stolen by Kelly and Mandi was declared a winner. Next up was Nelson Cade III Vs Darius Lyles, Nelson Cade was Saved and Darius was declared a winner. Finally from Team Nick, in Anders Drerup Vs Tate Brusa, Tate has announced a winner.

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