Release Date of Charmed Season 2 Episode 17, Cast, Plot, Streaming Details, Watch Online, Preview

‘Charmed’ is a fantasy drama series that revolves around three young witches who have to protect themselves and perhaps the world from evil dark forces. Macy Vaughn (Madeleine Mantock), Mel Vera (Melonie Diaz), and Maggie Vera (Sarah Jeffery) are the central characters of the show. The series is based on the 1998 WB series titled the same. However, this series is a reboot of the old one. The new ‘Charmed,’ has incorporated a lot of changes in terms of plot, characters, and powers. The objective is to make ‘Charmed’ (2018) more connectable with its audience today.

The first season of the series begins with the death of Mel’s and Maggie’s mother under unusual circumstances. This is followed by the entry of their sister Macy who they didn’t know existed. In the wake of more bizarre events, they realize that they are the ‘charmed’ ones, or, in other words, a trio of the most powerful witches in the world. All that said, they have to acquire and hone their skills under the guidance of Harry. In addition, overcome every evil obstacle that is thrown along their way. So far, the series has been getting mixed reviews. But interestingly, even though it doesn’t have remarkable ratings, the fan base has ensured that the show is currently in its second season.

‘Charmed’ Season 2 Episode 17 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Charmed Season 2 Episode 17 is set to release on 10 April 2020 on CW.

Where to Stream ‘Charmed’ Online?

New episodes air weekly on The CW. If you have a cable connection, you can watch the show on The CW’s App. If you don’t have a cable connection, You can still watch the show on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

‘Charmed’ Season 2 Episode 16 Recap

The sisters finally get their powers back. They now know the spell they need to chant to ensure that they can use their powers. This, however, leads them to kill the last demon in its family, and come to the painful realization that things are going to get worse as a result of this. Godric is unhappy with the charming and asks Abigael to kill them. Abigael refuses to do so. This, however, does not stop Godric. He sends his minions to do his bidding. Parker, now with the sisters, helps in saving Maggie and Macy. Mel and Abigael, however, are taken away to Godric, who makes plans to sacrifice them to transcend his powers.

In the meanwhile, Jordan gets a premonition of something that is about to go down with the charmed ones and him. Abigael makes a deal with a fellow demon and is finally saved by Maggie and Macy, along with Parker. Though Parker gets rid of his powers, Maggie is still on edge about getting back with him. The Faction and their motives are slowly coming to see the day of light. Abigael’s intentions are not exactly clear at this point. Macy and Julian continue to have problems. Now, it is up to Episode 17 to straighten out more matters.

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