Netflix You Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything Else

‘You’ is one of the most popular series which is available on Netflix for streaming. The American psychological thriller revolved around a person named Joe Goldberg, who is a lovable bookstore manager and secretly he is a serial killer. Goldberg is portrayed by Penn Badgley, falls for his customer and begins to develop quite a delusional obsession.

The second season finale comprises an unfathomable twist and now the viewers are left with several questions. ‘You’ is based on the series of novels which are written by Caroline Kepnes. In addition to this, the makers did hint what is going to happen in the third season of ‘You’.

Netflix's You

Release Date of You

On the 7th of February 2020, the showrunner and co-creator, Sera Gamble did tease some of the exciting news about the show on Twitter. Gamble noted that they’ve begun to work on the third season of ‘You’.

Netflix has already said that the third season of You will hit the streaming giant in 2021 and it will comprise of 10 distinctive episodes.

Who will feature next in You?

Penn Badgley who portrays the role of Joe and Victoria Pedretti who portrays the role of Love Quinn will be back in the show. It seems like the new neighbor of Joe will play a massive part in the third season.

The co-creator had already mentioned Jenna Ortega and some of the friends of Love will return for the third season run. There is a highly likely chance that most of the lead characters are going to return in the third season.

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