Money Heist Season 4 ( La Casa de Papel ) Release Date, Cast, Is it the Final Season?

We are still shocked by the spectacular end of theBank of Spain robbery in ‘La casa de Papel 3’ or ‘Money Heist’ Season 3 and we already know the first details of the fourth season, which promises to take our breath away. According to the recent release of official viewing stats, this series received a 34 Million+views in the first week itself.

Last season was quite a lot to take in by the audience. Netflix had confirmed the Season 4 of Money Heist long before season 3 premiered. Now the news is out that the 4th season had already started filming. Money Heist became an instant success after Netflix bring it into its platform with its “originals” banner. The first two seasons premiered on Antenna 3 in Spain until it became internationally famous with Netflix intervention. Season 3 had premiered on July 19, 2019.

Itziar Ituño, who plays Raquel Murillo, aka Lisbon, has explained that he still does not know the end of the next instalment: “I do not know if they are going to steal the gold or not. The actors do not know yet,” he said in an interview. Although the last chapter of the third season has hinted that anger will replace love and feelings will continue to be the protagonists: ” The only possible engine was the emotional one. It seemed the only way in which the public would not be disappointed,” explained Álex Pina, creator of the show.

When will Money Heist Season 4 premiere?

As the shooting has been already started and the season 3 already wrapped up season 4 can be expected most possibly in 2020. The first two seasons had released on the same year. It could not be the case for the next season as it involves a far big storyline but can’t be ignored totally saying improbable either.

Will Season 4 be the finale for Money Heist?

Given the progression of the story, it looks like the next season could most possibly be the final season.


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