Mobile operator or web-based: what is the best virtual phone number company:

A virtual number is an essential and popular query in 2023, right? Leave it as a login on a website that is not trusted, or use it only to receive SMS, or for messengers. But which one to choose? We found more than 150 different companies providing a free virtual phone number and most of them are small web services, and some are good old mobile operators. Does it make a difference from whom to buy a virtual number? In this article, we will try to figure it out and offer some trustworthy options.

Mobile operator or web-based: what is the best virtual phone number company:

Virtual phone number basics

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a virtual phone number?

It is a phone number that is not tied to your device, a fixed location, or a SIM card. You can access a virtual phone number even without a SIM card or mobile connection, but it does require an internet connection, such as Wi-Fi, to function properly.

Is a virtual phone number available without an internet connection?

No, but if you prepare and set up call forwarding — it will work.

Note: If there is no network available, we recommend setting up call forwarding to a permanent phone number beforehand. If the cellular network is not accessible, the virtual number will remain functional as long as the device remains connected to Wi-Fi.

Mobile operator or web-based: what is the best virtual phone number company:

Virtual phone number origin

A virtual phone number is a service operating based on an Internet connection. It is a strictly virtual phenomenon that has nothing to do with cellular communications. Therefore, there is no dependence on whether you purchased it from a regular local mobile operator or any cloud-based web service.

It’s a popular opinion that for long-term purposes and uses in apps that are critical to you, people recommend registering for a paid virtual number with a reliable mobile operator. The operator bears at least minimal responsibility for the safety of personal data. But this statement is not logical as ALL the virtual numbers are web-based so all of them can be encrypted as all logins you owe on the Internet. That is why it does not depend on where you get your virtual phone number. The safety level is the same.

What are virtual phone numbers used for?

  • Calls: Calling from any country from the virtual number operator’s list and receiving calls. Indispensable if you have your own call center or customer support department.
  • SMS: Both for receiving a lot of messages and responding to them and for remaining anonymous when registering on social networks and for marketing campaigns.

How do I choose the right virtual number provider?

Any provider can suit you. It is impossible to evaluate its quality from the outside as a beautiful website cover does not indicate the quality of the connection. The most important thing you can do is:

  • Demo: To test out the service, request a demo mode and make multiple calls to the desired locations over some time. Some providers offer this service for free, while others may charge a small fee. If the provider does not offer demo mode and you don’t know anyone who has used it before, it’s safer to avoid using the service.
  • Before purchasing a number from a provider, it’s important to clarify whether they work directly with local telecom operators or through intermediaries. This can have an impact on the quality of voice transmission. If the provider has a direct contract with officials in the country where you want to buy a number, they will often disclose this information to you.

Note: If there is clear audio on both sides of a conversation, it is common for providers to work directly with connection suppliers in approximately 90% of cases. However, if any issues arise concerning the quality of the connection, such as the presence of clicks, crackles, or other types of noise, service may be provided through intermediaries who possess their traffic routers. These types of arrangements may not always adhere to legal regulations and could potentially result in the abrupt loss of communication.

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