Marvel teams up with George RR Martin, Games of Thrones writer for new comic book series. 

After ending its popular run in 2019, George RR Martin’s most-loved piece of work, Game of Thrones, has been thoroughly missed. However, there’s good news for fans since it has just been announced that a number of spin-offs, including a prequel, are in development with HBO. 

Marvel teams up with George RR Martin, Games of Thrones writer for new comic book series. 

George RR Martin is teaming up with Marvel to produce a new series of comic books. Two leading giants in the fantasy world teaming up together is excellent news. While Game of Thrones is undeniably popular, we can also say the same for Marvel. Marvel’s popularity has soared above and beyond simply comic books. They also produce some of the most highly-anticipated movies of all time, with upcoming movies in 2022 such as Doctor Strange, Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and The Batman. Apart from movies, Marvel characters have made their way to the gaming industry with popular video games such as Marvel Avengers Alliance and Thor: Son of Asgard, and also in the gambling industry with a number of comic-book themes slots at new online casinos in the US, such as Thor’s Lightning and Thor’s Vengeance at Betway Casino. 

George RR Martin has described working with Marvel, the superhero franchise as a ‘privilege’ that has brought him ‘no end of joy’. These new set of comics will be based on an anthology series called Wild Cards, which was masterminded and edited by Mr Martin, himself. 

Written by more than 40 authors over three decades, the comic book series tells the story of an alternate history where Earth is occupied by super-powered individuals. The new limited series, titled ‘Wild Cards: Drawing Of The Cards’ will be written by Mike Hawthorne and Paul Cornell and it is set to be released on the 1st of June. 

Announcing this project, George RR Martin claims that. ‘As my fans may already know, the Wild Cards world holds a special place in my heart. So, to have the privilege of announcing that an industry titan like Marvel is going to produce the narrative from the beginning as a comic book brings me no end of joy.’

After Game of Thrones’ end in 2019, HBO is in the process of developing spin-offs, including a prequel, which is due to air next year. 

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