Mammootty’s Upcoming Multilingual Film Mamangam To Release On 21st November

Malayalam cinema’s senior actor Mammootty is making his comeback to the Tamil Cinema with a historical epic movie Mahamangan which is set to hit the theatres on 21st November 2019. Although the film has been originally shot in Malayalam language but has been simultaneously dubbed in Tamil along with Hindi and Telugu.

The film is cited to be one of the costliest movies of Malayalam cinema with a budget of 45 crores. Based on the Mamangam festival of the 18th century on the bank of Bharathappuzha at Thirunavaya on the Malabar region, the film depicts the story of Chaaverukal warriors who plot to overthrow the Zamorin rulers.

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Mammootty shared his look in the movie on his Instagram handle on 7th September captioning it ‘Mamangam’. While the teaser of the film was released on the Youtube last week, the trailer was for the Malayalam version was released on 27th September and for other versions was released yesterday.

The trailer shows the grandeur of the film with huge sets, war scenes, royal dresses with great emphasis on the martial art of Kalaripayattu, which is practiced in Kerala. The teaser and trailer together have generated more than 4 million views and has managed to create the hype and eagerness among the fans with respect to the release of the film.

The film originally slated to be directed by Sanjeev Pillai who wrote the script after 12 years of research was replaced by M Padmakumar due to over budget. Tamil fans of Mammooty are excited and on their toes for the release of the film. How the film performs will unravel on 21st November.

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