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Kurukshetra Movie Review
Kurukshetra Movie

This year’s long-awaited and big-budget film ‘Kurukshetra’ in Kannada cinema has come to the fore. The movie is a Fantasy-Historical story. According to movie sources, “Kurukshetra” will start from midnight today and fans of star actors like Darshan, Ambarish, Ravichandran and Arjun Sarja are on the verge of seeing the film.

The film was earlier planned to release in 5 languages including Kannada and Telugu concurrently. But it will be premiered only in Telugu and Kannada today. It was originally planned to release on August 2. But it was postponed until today.

Kurukshetra Movie Review

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Producer and distributor Rockline Venkatesh, who is responsible for the distribution of the film, is in the final process of it. Rockline Venkatesh, meanwhile, has spoken about the final stage preparation for the release of “Kurukshetra”. “Online booking of Kurukshetra has started in the last few days and has been getting a great response from the audience.

“Already the first three-four days of shows online are almost full. Currently, we plan to release Kurukshetra in over 400 screens in Kannada and over 500 screens in Telugu. As of now, the film will be released in over 1000 locations. After two to three days this number could increase,” says Rockline Venkatesh.

As this time of the month is very busy for every theatre in India, the Bollywood release of the movie could be delayed further for even a month. The audience from TamilNadu and Kerala has to wait some more days for the movie to release the theatres near them.

At some theatres, because of the compelling audience, the film is being prepared for the show from midnight on Thursday. There is a lot of demand from everywhere for the film. Rockline is currently planning on releasing the film in other languages ​​once the Kannada and Telugu version is released. Overall Kannada high-voltage film “Kurukshetra” is going to be open to the curiosity and wonder of the audience.

Kurukshetra Movie Review

The movie Kurukshetra is the first movie with elaborate cast and graphics in whole Karnataka Film Industry. Any person in Karnataka will make it to the theatres with a proud heart and a lot of expectations. The filmmakers were teasing the fans for over two years and the movie was totally worth it.

It is a visual delight telling the evergreen story of Mahabharat. It was a treat to watch late Ambarish on screen. His performance will remind you how much you miss him. Reactions to the film have been coming from the US. Even the audience from this technologically advanced country is curious about what kind of technology is used in the film.

The labyrinth scenario and the Kurukshetra war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. The costume, graphics, story, cast, everything contribute to the visually stunning performance of this movie.

Rating: 3.75/5

The movie is receiving 90 percent positive reviews. If the reviews remain positive and people pour in it could hit the 100 Crore club in Karnataka Film Industry.

Many who watched the cinema at midnight responded well to the film. A special show was held on Thursday evening for celebrities. After watching ‘Kurukshetra’, Sumalatha Ambarish is happy. “Kurukshetra means cinema. It was an experience and a journey. This is a milestone after Darshan became ‘Sangolki Rayanna’. Duryodhana Darshan, Darshan Awrey Duryodhana. He has acted for that very purpose, ”praised Darshan.

In case you didn’t check out the Trailer of the movie, you can watch it here:

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