‘Kasauti Zindagi kay’ 2 Updates- Mr. Bajaj’s Re-Entry In Anurag And Prerna’s Life

The most popular and loveable show of Star Plus ‘Kasauti Zindagi kay’ Season 2 is all ready for the new start with Mr. Bajaj’s re-entry.

'Kasauti Zindagi kay' 2 Updates- Mr. Bajaj's Re-Entry In Anurag And Prerna's Life

Till now we have seen how Anurag decided to marry Prerna again to prove his love. Also, it has been shown how Kumolika was not happy with his decision.

But after this, Kumolika learns about Anurag’s plan that how is he faking his love and marriage with Prerna just to have all the money and power of Mr. Bajaj and how Anurag is not interested in Prerna.

Also, the promo of the show has been released and it is clearly shown how Anurag is in revenge mode. In the promo, he also tries to push Prerna down the building.

Re-entry of Mr. Bajaj

Karan Grover Fans have great news. He is returning to Kasauti Zindagi ki’ very soon.

Other people along with Anurag Basu assumed that Mr. Bajaj has already been dead in a plane crash. But, we will be seeing that he is alive.

An exclusive video of ‘Kasauti Zindagi ki’ has been shot and uploaded on social media. In that video, it is seen that Mr. Rishabh Bajaj is with Prerna.

It is expected that Mr. Bajaj will be making a grand re-entry. His re-entry will probably be during the marriage of Anurag and Prerna. He will also save Prerna from the allegations that Sneha is her daughter.

Still, it is not sure that Mr. Bajaj is back in the show. It would be very interesting to know if he is here permanently or he just came back from a few episodes.

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