Kaalidas Movie Review And Rating | Bharath, Ann Sheetal | Sri Senthil

More good news coming the way of Tamil audience as Bharath led Kaalidas will hit the cinemas this weekend. It is a time-based thriller, the entire series events of the film take place in a period of 3 days.

Given the genre of the film and the tight scene setting one would be reluctant to miss the movie.


Starcast and direction

The film ks produced under the Leaping Horse Entertainment and Dino Studios banner. Sri Senthil, who is the director of the film is making his direction debut from the movie. The fact that it is his first film as a director doesn’t undermines his skills in direction.

Bharath is in the lead role for the movie Suresh Chandra Menon’s cannot be considered any less than the lead role. Aadhav Kannadhasan, Vela Ramamoorthy, Priyadarshini are the other stars sharing the screen.


Bharath is playing the role of a cop in Kaalidas who is in charge of the investigation of a suicide case. Little did he knew at the beginning that this case will prove to be among the biggest cases of his life.

The film revolves around the death of an adolescent girl. The death of the girl is itself a mystery. Prima facie the evidence suggests that it is a case of suicide. The evidence portrayed that the blue whale game is the driving force behind suicide.

On investigation, Bharath concluded that it was not a suicide but a murder. He believes that it is a well planned cold-blooded murder.

Release date

The film is all set to release on 13th December 2019. The film took a whole lot of time to wrap up its production. The production started in October 2017. Crime thrillers are always a feast for the audience and the film is assured of getting an overwhelming response from the audience.

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