How to Choose a New Board Member: Proven Tips

Onboarding New Board Members: Strategies for a Seamless Transition

Currently, the standards and expectations for members of the iDeals Board have significantly increased and become more complex. Many companies are now imposing not only loyalty requirements on potential board members, but also expecting specific qualities and skills that will enable them to effectively fulfill their duties within the board of directors.

This tightening of criteria for board members is an evident trend, driven not only by the demands of foreign investors but also by a desire to adapt to changing business conditions and the dynamics of economic development. This is why the requirements are now being raised not only for board members of large corporations but also for those in similar positions within medium-sized companies.

The decision-making procedure and the characteristics of a new board member

When considering adding a new representative to the board portal, there are numerous factors to take into account. This procedure does not happen within a few days and requires a thorough selection process and preparation. The new corporate representative should possess outstanding characteristics, contribute to the company’s benefit, and generate innovative solutions.

Such a team member becomes a generator of new ideas, offering fresh perspectives on all company matters, and can provide valuable solutions right from the start. This individual should understand the company’s specific characteristics, its financial potential, and its history.

Here is the classic algorithm for selecting a new board member:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive analysis regarding the compliance with the procedure for accepting a new board member;
  2. Carry out preparatory work and organize a virtual boardroom meeting;
  3. Ensure that the company’s regulatory and legal framework is not violated;
  4. Evaluate the proposed candidates. Examine their work experience, inquire about their education and courses, and obtain references from their previous workplaces. It is essential to have a personal conversation with the candidate.

Make the decision after studying all the worthy candidates for the position. Conduct an honest and closed vote to allow everyone to participate in the decision-making process.”

Characteristics of the Ideal Candidate

Such an individual should possess specific criteria in order to genuinely contribute to the company and become an integral part of it. We propose reviewing the table of factors that should be taken into account before selecting the best person for the position.

CriterionDescription of Criterion
Professional QualitiesThis pertains to the knowledge and skills acquired through education or previous work experience. These should include financial, managerial, psychological, historical skills, and much more. It is important for the candidate to be able to perform multiple functions simultaneously to provide maximum value to the company.
Personal CharacteristicsIn order for the candidate to seamlessly fit into the team and exhibit their positive professional traits, they must be pleasant to work with. Soft skills will help them integrate into the team more quickly and facilitate smoother collaboration. The person should be approachable, kind, and responsible. They should possess leadership qualities and be initiators. With such a board member, interactions should be pleasant, even outside working hours. Of course, it’s impossible to please everyone, but you can usually tell if someone is pleasant to be around from the very first real meeting.
Abilities and Other CharacteristicsOne should also not forget about the benefits for the company. This refers to the candidate’s potential in terms of visibility and their network of connections. This could play a significant role in both media and financial aspects. Such candidates are considered rare, and adding them to your team can be a real stroke of luck.

These are the main criteria. Use board management software to communicate and determine the priority of these characteristics based on the company’s needs. Perhaps, at this stage of development, the business requires financial support or may need a good analyst. It’s essential to start from there when evaluating candidates.

Contributions Within the Company

Some board director candidates may possess qualities that can provide significant assistance to the company in establishing business connections with:

  • The public;
  • Business partners;
  • Government entities and organizations.

It is essential to take into account the candidate’s ability to build relationships with high-ranking individuals when voting. This can be especially beneficial for the company when making important decisions. For instance, the business may benefit from consultations with the following entities:

In addition to existing relationships, it is necessary to consider the candidate’s potential to establish such connections. In other words, does their current position and role contribute to this, do they possess the necessary personal qualities and experience for such activities?

Here are the factors that can determine this aspect:

  • Work experience – the positions previously held and the scope of responsibilities within the last five years
  • Candidate’s age – a mature age ranging from 40 to 55 years demonstrates the ability to establish contacts
  • Interaction experience with people – whether they engage in public speaking, have knowledge of psychology, and can quickly establish contact with strangers
  • Education, cultural level, and overall personality – these are also essential parameters.

Considering these criteria allows for the selection of a worthy candidate while taking into account the specific board culture of your company. It’s essential to approach this matter comprehensively and with thorough preparation. This approach ensures that the decision will not be delayed, and you will be satisfied with the potential candidate.

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