How Do I Get A Better Internet Service?

Internet is probably one of the most influential phenomena of the modern age. The number of people using the global network has increased from zero to approximately 5 billion within the span of a few decades. To put things into context, that is two-thirds of all the people living on the face of this Earth! Moreover, according to Strategy Analytics – a leading company that researches market data, the number of internet devices connected to the internet by the year 2025 would be more than 35 billion!

Given how much the internet is being used in modern times, it is no surprise that everyone wants to know how to make their internet connection better. People often complain about their video calls being interrupted if they move away from their Wi-Fi routers or some of their houses’ rooms not getting enough coverage. In the case that you are one of those people, this article is ideal for you! We explore the different ways you can improve your internet connection. No matter if you are paying for Xfinity internet prices or the costs for some other top-notch internet service provider; we hope this article helps you get the most in return.

Relocation Of Wi-Fi Router

Many people complain about having dead spots in their houses. If there is a dead spot in one corner of the house and your Wi-Fi is in the other corner, there is a high likelihood that the dead spot has been caused by the poor positioning of your router. The rather obvious solution to the problem is to move your Wi-Fi router to the center of your place from the corner. This, way you will get coverage in more areas.

Adjustment Of Antenna Of Router

Poor positioning of your antenna is another cause for a poor connection. The angle of the antenna of your router should be upright so signals can be transmitted seamlessly in all directions. In some cases, even though the positioning of the antenna is correct, the antenna is simply malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. However, before paying for another antenna, we suggest you give the rest of the suggestions in the article a try.

Removal Of Any Obstructions To Wi-Fi

Positioning your router and its antenna is not enough; you also have to position the objects around it in a way that none of the Wi-Fi signals get blocked. Make sure nothing too thick like walls is in close proximity to the antenna. The following is a list of some common items that have the capacity to obstruct signals:

  • Glass
  • Ceilings
  • Cabinets
  • Metals
  • Mirrors
  • Thick Walls

Elimination Of Any Interference

Interference of Wi-Fi signals takes place when the Wi-Fi frequency is matched by the frequency of another functioning device nearby. You may have heard new mothers complaining about their Wi-Fi being impacted because they have a baby monitor that operates on the same frequency as their Wi-Fi. Alongside baby monitors, some other devices that cause interference are:

  • Cordless Telephones
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Bluetooth Devices

In the case that there is a device interfering with your Wi-Fi, go ahead and move it away from your router. If the device keeps causing a dead spot after you take the preceding measure, it might be time to replace the interfering device with another of a different frequency. However, before proceeding with that, you should try out all the rest of the measures we have suggested in this article. After all, why spend more money when the situation can be improved more cost-effectively?

Choosing The Optimal Wi-Fi Channel

Multiple wireless channels are offered by internet service providers (ISPs). In the case that you are receiving poor signals at your place, it may very well be due to the fact that the Wi-Fi channel you are using is overly congested. Changing your channel to one that does not have as much traffic will improve your internet connection in this case.

Utilizing A Wireless Repeater

As the name implies, wireless repeaters are used to rebroadcast an existing signal and create a secondary network. They are ideal in cases where coverage is much better in the part of the house where the router is placed but not so well in the other part(s).

Making Use Of An Ethernet Cable

Although wireless repeaters are effective, everyone may not have the money to buy them immediately. For the time being, Ethernet cables can get the job done as well. They come in lengths as long as a hundred meters so you do not have to worry about being away from the router. Make sure you buy a cable that allows high-speed internet. Why? Because many Ethernet cables cannot transmit signals at great speeds.


With the hope that you are able to implement at least one of the above tips to improve your internet service, we wish you goodluck!

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