How Cloudbet’s Marketplace could change the face of betting promos

With one of the best World Cups in history fresh in the memory, sports bettors will be embarking on the process of getting back to the day-to-day, and fortunately there’s still plenty of entertaining sport to look forward to in the early stages of 2023. For those who like to bet on sporting action, the choices that lie ahead are attractive – and they may be even more so if you have an account at the OG crypto betting site Cloudbet, which has launched its casino Marketplace loyalty program among plenty of excitement.

Those of us who like to bet on sports will find something to like in this service, no matter what our priorities when it comes to placing bets. Because, just as each loyalty scheme has its rewards, Cloudbet has unveiled an array of glittering prizes for crypto bettors who pick up enough Lightning Points by placing bets on the site. These rewards range from the obvious, and betting oriented options at the lower end of the scale, and run to some of the boldest offers ever on a betting site on the other end.

How Cloudbet’s Marketplace could change the face of betting promos

Let’s look at the headline prizes first: Cloudbet has really pushed the boat out with these, quite literally in the case of the expenses-paid week-long holiday on a private island in the Maldives. This boutique break includes a private villa and VIP service. You could, alternatively, save points for longer and put them towards the 2023 Lamborghini Huracan, or if you’re really ambitious you could hold out until you can trade your points for a Rolex Daytona Rainbow watch.

How Cloudbet’s Marketplace could change the face of betting promos

All of those rewards, naturally, come with a high points tally, so if you’re in the mood for something more affordable there are also plenty of options that can be used directly on the Cloudbet site. These include free spins and free bets on the site, with some offers being pre-packaged by Cloudbet themselves. For a greater or lesser number of points, you can enjoy more money through free bets and can choose packages with different degrees of wagering requirements. 

You may also consider the custom offers, which allow you to decide how much you get as a free bet and choose your own wagering terms. If you’re smart with your points, you could well have a free bet offer on your hands that’s far better than anything offered elsewhere online.

This being said, you’ll need patience to get the most out of this loyalty offer. As with any loyalty offer, you do need to make repeated use of the site before you get to see the points pile up. It’s worth noting that during the World Cup, each bet placed on the action in Qatar saw bettors earn double points. Cloudbet users would be well advised to look out for similar ways of maximizing their points in future, connected to major events which take place across the year. We’ve no specific leads on that right now, but history has taught us that Cloudbet is always thinking of something.

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