Hi Bye Mama Episode 13 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Where to Watch Online Stream and Spoilers

Just like all the other Korean Drama shows, ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’ has done a brilliant job at keeping the audience invested in the character’s storyline, episode after episode. Being a ghost ever since she passed away five years ago, Cha Yu-ri longs to go back to her husband Jo Kang Hwa and their daughter Jo Seo-woo. So, when the opportunity arrives, Cha Yu-ri knows that she’ll try her best to go back to where she was, even if she only has 49 days to do so.

With the help of jumping timelines, we’ve been able to see how the people and the things that Cha Yu-ri left behind have changed over the years. Joo Kang Hwa, who once used to be loving and caring, is now just a surgeon and a father, a shell of the man who he used to be, and nothing more. We can also recognize the changes that have occurred in the lifestyle of other people that Cha Yu-Ri left behind.

Even though she’s human again, her husband has moved on, and Cha Yu-ri realizes that going back to where she was and remedying all the problems that she caused while she was a ghost might not be so easy. Until now, we didn’t even know that Jo Seo-woo could see Cha Yu-Ri when the latter was watching over her as a ghost and can still see the other ghosts. So, with this update and the series starting too involve exorcists, more spirits, and now Cha Yu-ri even re-thinking her options, ‘Hi, Bye Mama!’ is ready to return with episode 13.

Hi, Bye Mama Episode 13 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘Hi, Bye Mama’ episode 13 is scheduled to release on April 11, 2020, at 12:00 am PT. The show will release a new episode at the same time slot every Saturday and Sunday and will wind up with its 16th episode on April 19th, 2020.

Where to Watch ‘Hi, Bye Mama!’ Episode 13 Online?

The easiest and most feasible way to catch up on all the episodes of ‘Hi Bye Mama!’ on Netflix. Every single episode is released on Netflix after it has premiered in Korea. You can stream the already released episodes on the platform. You can stream Netflix on a tablet, smartphone, gaming console, desktop, or a streaming device such as a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, AirTV, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

‘Hi, Bye Mama!’ Episode 13 Spoilers

The previous episode, titled “The Days I Was Forgotten,” featured Gang-Hwa being shocked when Seo-woo recognizes Yu-ri’s from a photo frame, confronting Yu-ri and ended with him realizing that she had been watching over him all along. We can only guess what would happen in the next episode, but we’re sure that the plot would involve the exorcist that’s around and include even more family drama.

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