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The Australian Day is celebrated on 26th January by Australians. This day is declared as a national holiday in Australia officially by the government of Australia. This day is also called with other names: Foundation day, Survival day, Invasion day.

This day was celebrated as the arrival of the first fleet of British ships occurred on this day at Port Jackson’s place near new south wales in 1788. But, Some people do not celebrate this day on 26th January as they believe Australia day should be some other day. There are also other names for this day like ANA Day, National Day of Mourning.

Different events will be held on this day of which Award Presentation is one of them. President of Australia and governor-general will present Australia day honors on this day. There are also many other activities like family gatherings, fireworks, picnics, and many such things.

Along with good things for the day, there are some things which oppose this day too. one of them is Change the date movement. Some people from Australia do not support this date for the day and also feel this day as the aggressive impact of British people on Australians. So, the day got another name called “Survival Day” as a concert was held in Sydney in 1992.

Australian Day is often celebrated on 26th January. People from Australia will take a break from their routine every year and enjoy the day with friends and family. Even though many other days were suggested for this day but still, it is celebrated on 26th January itself.

Happy Australia Day 2020 Images

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