From Currency to Systems of Measurement: Suggested Preparations When Taking a Small Business Abroad

From Currency to Systems of Measurement: Suggested Preparations When Taking a Small Business Abroad


Is your small business ready for international customers? This kind of expansion
is not suited to every service. There is research to be done and different
issues to consider since no country is the same in terms of consumer trends,
laws and other matters. It’s especially important to become familiar with the
worldwide debate on systems of measurement: grams versus ounces. Here’s some
advice on what to prepare for when taking your services abroad.

your International Customers

already suggested, different countries are more or less
different markets altogether. Depending on what kind of company you run, there
are six key issues for which you have to prepare if
you want the venture to succeed. In addition to settling registration,
compliance, tax and supply chain problems, language and cultural barriers
need to be overcome. Effectively marketing your products and communicating with
buyers are dependent on this. An extra measure you could take is to hire local
staff, like translators and marketers, to help shape an attractive and legible campaign.

exchange is another major matter to wrap your head around. Making the effort
won’t just save you from pitfalls, but will benefit
your revenue and standing as a brand. For example, not embracing the local
currency means that you’re not aware of the difference in your products’
pricing, as well as whether or not your prices are too
high or too low. Consumers trust businesses, big or small, that show full
knowledge of their industry, but something they appreciate even more is

Grams and Ounces

From Currency to Systems of Measurement: Suggested Preparations When Taking a Small Business Abroad


cross-cultural issue runs along the same lines as foreign currency. Not knowing
what system of measurement other countries use, can affect the efficiency of
your international supply chain. To begin with, a basic rule to remember in
terms of weight is that one ounce is roughly 28 grams.
Learning the commonly used subdivisions of an ounce and what they amount to in
the metric system also allows better provision of services and communication
with buyers.

we speak, only four countries still use the imperial system:
the US, UK, Myanmar, and Liberia. The first two territories also apply the
metric system, especially in the field of science. However, rumors
around the UK are saying that its government is preparing to bring back the
ounce as its official measurement system. Jumping to units of length, don’t
forget that some products, like jeans, computer monitors and pizzas, are
usually measured in inches. As a small business owner, keeping track of such
trends helps organize your brand correctly. It can also warn you about any
changes you might need to make to international sales.

a detailed list of all the things you need to take care of before taking your
small business abroad. As daunting as it may be, tying up each of these loose ends
and becoming more aware of such a venture’s ins and outs can strengthen the
brand’s status in its new home. Its future success depends on how well it
manages to bond with international consumers.

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