Derry Girls 2 Netflix Trailer Released | Release Date, Cast

The Irish sitcom premiered by Channel 4 is renewed for the upcoming season of Derry Girls by Netflix. The series is set in the small town of Derry in Ireland in the 1990s of the Irish conflict and revolves around the young Erin, her cousin Orla, Carla, and Michelle during their high school years in a Catholic women’s institute. The series composed so far of two seasons of 6 episodes each sees in the main cast Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan and Jamie Lee O’Donnell.

Now Season 2 started streaming on Netflix platform.

Derry Girls 2 Netflix Trailer Released | Release Date, Cast

If you’ve already done binge-watching and you’re wondering whenDerry Girls 3 could be released, we have a clue. On IMDb,in fact, three seasons already appear for the series created byLisa McGee.At the moment not much information is reported, except the fact that the first episode of Derry Girls should debutin 2020.

Derry Girlswas renewed for a second season shortly after the airing of the first seen the extraordinary success that immediately meant for Channel 4 afterFather Ted.

Here is the trailer that precludes their new strange adventures that are well suited to the historical period and to the strong personalities of the heterogeneous group of female students:

When does Derry Girls 3 come out?

It remains to understand the time lag that could be from the debut ofDerry Girls Season 3on Channel 4 and the release of the season on Netflix. The first season ofDerry Girls airs on TV from January 4, 2018, and arrives in streaming in December of the same year.Derry Girls 2 starts on Channel 4 on March 5, 2019, and is released on Netflix on August 2, 2019. We are inclined to think that even forDerry Girls 3season the gap could be a few months. It is possible, therefore thatDerry Girls 3on Netflix in Italy you arrive during 2020. We look forward to official confirmation.

Derry Girls Season 3 How many episodes will it have?

The showrunner Lisa McGee has hinted of six episodesfor the third season. The creator then thanks Channel 4 for the renewal because“I love writing this series and I’m excited to have the chance to continue the story, of Derry Girls”.


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