Dance Deewane 2 grand finale Live Stream online: When & where to watch? Voting Results, Finalists

The second season of Dance Deewane is a notable season that features dancers ranging from three distinctive generations will come to conclusion to this very day. In addition to this, Dance Deewane’s grand finale would feature Omm Subham Mohapatra, Twisha Patel, and Vihan Trivedi from the 1st generation.

Moreover, from generation two, Vishal Sonkar, and Paramdeep Singh would perform in the finale. Sneha Adapawar and Mehul Mehta are the remaining contestants from the third generation. All of these contestants are competing to win the title from their respective generations.

Dance Deewane features Arjun Bijlani as the host of the show. In addition to that, the show will be judged by three notable celebrities such as Shashank Khaitan, Madhuri Dixit, & Tushar Kalia. The experts are suggesting that the grand finale of Dance Deewane Season 2 is going to be a spectacular event.

Dance-Deewane 2

Who will be the special guest of the show?

The sources are suggesting that the final episode of Dance Deewane will feature the notable “Desi Girl” who has recently married to Nick Jonas, as the episode’s special guest. The notable fans of Priyanka Chopra are in for a treat as the Quantico and Baywatch actress but perform to a track on stage. It’s true! Priyanka Chopra will startle the audience of the show as well as the viewers behind the TV Screen.

The reports are suggesting that the Priyanka Chopra will be moved and also get emotional by seeing the performance of the contestants. Additionally, the performances are going to be dedicated to Priyanka Chopra and Ashok Chopra, her late father.

Dance Deewane 2 grand finale Live Stream online

The grand finale of the show would be broadcasted on Color TV channel on the 28th of September 2019 from 8 PM. However, the viewers can also watch the grand finale on Voot.

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