Coronavirus in India, Gurgaon: Paytm employee is tested positive for Corona virus

The online payment platform Paytm did confirm that one among their employees has reportedly been tested positive for Corona Virus. By the looks of it, the person who has been deemed as positive for Coronavirus has recently returned from Italy. The reports are suggesting that the person has contracted with the virus while he visited Italy.

Currently, the Indian government has declared that it is banning a visa for people to visit Italy. In addition to this, the government is closely monitoring the unprecedented situation.

Coronavirus in India, Gurgaon: Paytm employee is tested positive for Corona virus

What is Paytm’s stance to beat Coronavirus?

The payment platform did inform every one of their employees that they should undergo the test. The reason why Paytm has instructed its employees to take the test is that several people might have come into contact with almost all of them. The entire office of Paytm located in Gurugram has to go through a strict examination.

There are several people who are returning from Italy and China. Additionally, people who are employed in the Gurgaon office of Paytm have been tested positive to have been inflicted with Coronavirus.

The recent reports are suggesting that the person is getting the appropriate treatment from medical experts. The team members have to take preventive measures to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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