Bigg Boss Vote Tamil : How can Malaysian people vote for Mugen to win the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 3?

There are several reports that we have received in the past which suggests that the Indians and people residing in Malaysia are not able to support their favorite candidate in the house of Bigg Boss 3, namely Mugen. By the looks of it, Mugen has charmed most of the international audience with his entirety and his nature.

As these people are not from around the South Asian country, India, they aren’t able to support their favorite candidate, it is none other than Mugen. Before entering the grand finale week, there has been a significant number of emails that suggested HotStar is not working in Malaysia. Given that the people from Malaysia are showing interest to vote his their favorite contestant, they are unable to do it as there is a restriction to vote from another country other than India.

Nevertheless, the people of Malaysia would be delighted to know that they can vote for Mugen by following the steps listed below:

Bigg Boss Tamil Sep 30 Nominated Contestants

The easiest way:

  • Ask the friends and family members in India to vote for Mugen.
  • The people residing in Malaysia can send the link of the HotStar App to their friends and tell them to search for Bigg Boss Tamil.
  • The Indian friends can easily cast around fifty votes for the contestant, Mugen and then click on “Done.”
  • The friends in India can also give a missed call on the number – 8367796808.

The alternate way:

  • Malaysian people can install HotStar using VPN on their iPhone or Android devices.
  • Nord VPN app is the best option to download and install HotStar on the iPhone or Android devices.
  • In the VPN app select the country “India.”
  • Then go to the HotStar App > Search Bigg Boss Tamil > Vote for Mugen
  • By the looks of it, this is a great opportunity for Malaysia people to help Mugen win the title.
Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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  1. As suggested nordvpn is great for this, you can change your location and your IP and vote for whichever option you choose. Also they have a 30 day money-back guarantee so if you won’t enjoy the app, you can get the money back. On the other hand I’ve used nordvpn for two years already annd it is worth the money. If you are going to only vote, then any vpn will do that has different servers/locations.

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