Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Opinion Vote: Vote For Your Favourite Contestant

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu ends its third week this weekend. This season is marked by intense drama, fun, and struggle. The fourth season received incredible numbers from TRP, and the production team hopes to engage the audience in a much better way. The third week presented an interesting breakdown of the luxury budget. However, the mission made the real faces of the candidates stand out in bright light.

Several competitors have intensified their game this week. However, some serious participants could not impress in week three. Abhijeet remained true to his task and played his campaign week. This week, seven candidates will be nominated for elimination. Lasya, Monal, and Kumar Sai are in safe polling results. Harika has lost popularity and appeal this week.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Third Week Top 5 Best Contestants


After becoming a captain in week two, Abhijeet held onto his guns and was a consistent performer. Despite his reckless tricks, Abjijeet won the task and also the confidence of his opponent. He is a very strong contender to become a finalist in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu.


Although she was far from the center of attention, Lasya has a large following, and this is reflected in her voting right for week 3. Lasya made a mistake by suing Amma Rajashekar, but everyone appreciates her authenticity.


Gangavva is a fighter and has come to stay. She recovered from her illness and stayed at home. In fact, She fought hard at the luxury budget task. Gangavva became captain of the house this week.


Divi’s journey in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu has so far been a roller coaster ride. However, Divi’s expectations are not fully met given its potential. Divi has only been nominated for a week, so its real fans have not been tested so far.


Rajashekar plays the game very well, his emotional exhaustion and his quest to stay in the spotlight works well for him. He is one of the best candidates to reach the final this season. Plays the game in a smart way compared to the rest of the  Contestants.

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