Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Did Kavin Chose 5 Lakhs And Eliminated Himself?

In today’s Bigg Boss Tamil promo we can see that Bigg Boss has given an offer for the contestants that if they eliminate themselves, they will be getting prize money of 5 lakhs. And we can see that Kavin has chosen 5 lakhs. Did this happen?

We all know that the winner of Bigg Boss will get prize money of 50 lakhs. But if they don’t have confidence that they will win, they can take these 5 lakhs and walk off? And it looks like Kavin chose the 5 lakhs offer. Check out the promo below:

You can see that even the fellow housemates are shocked by the decision of Kavin. Kavin’s face says it all. It looks like he is going through a lot of emotions. He might have thought let’s take these 5 lakhs and get out of here.

If you check out the comments below the promo, you will notice that most of the Kavin’s fans are shocked by his decision. Also, netizens are seen saying that Kavin was always low on confidence and this was expected from him.

But we never know. Bigg Boss’s promos are known to be misleading. There might have been more things Bigg Boss have said to make Kavin take that decision. We have to wait and watch today’s episode to know what exactly happened.

What do you think? Did Kavin take the right decision? Do let us know your opinion by writing in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Tamil.

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