Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Eighth-Week: Sakshi Agarwal’s Is Eliminated

By the looks of it, eight weeks have passed in the third season Bigg Boss Tamil. So far there have been eliminations of several contestants from Bigg Boss. Contestants like Mohan Vaidya, Fathima Babu, Meera Mitun, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Reshma Pasupuleti have already been eliminated from the show. Today (August 11) on Season 3 Ep50 Sakshi Agarwal got eliminated. Sakshi took it quite calmly and said bye to fellow contestants, while a few contestants got into tears.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Eighth-Week: Sakshi Agarwal’s Eliminated

 Lately, Sakshi has failed to make an impact on the audience considering her appearance in Bigg Boss Tamil so far. The critics also feel that Sakshi has to work a lot to gain prominence as compared to the other housemates.

How is the audience reaction to Sakshi Agarwal’s elimination?

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Eighth-Week: Sakshi Agarwal’s Eliminated

The recent episode and the reports suggest that Sakshi did acquire lesser votes as compared to the other contestants. This means the audience already knew she was going to be eliminated for quite long. The other nominees who were up for the elimination were Saravanan, Losliya, & lastly Abhirami Venkatachalam who were standing quite strong in polls or already out of Bigg Boss.


Moreover, a day before the results concerning the elimination came into being, Bigg Boss expelled Saravanan out of the house. The reason why Saravanan was eliminated from the house was that he wanted to come clean about the molestation incident that he committed.

Vanitha Vijayakumar is back

After Sakshi got eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 3 something out of ordinary was expected and Vijay Tv has not disappointed the fans. Vanitha Vijayakumar the outspoken controversial contestant is back in the house to create some more drama as a temporary guest.

Kasthuri Shankar gets Wildcard entry

Kasthuri Shankar entered the house as a wild card contestant on Thursday. Kasthuri’s entry has changed the drama inside the Bigg Boss house, which witnessed a surprise eviction of Saravanan on Monday.

The critical controversy in Bigg led to Saravanan immediate elimination

A widespread controversy currently surrounds Saravanan, a popular Tamil actor. According to Saravanan’s confession on live camera, he fumbled two women on the public buses when he was in college. People took it to Twitter and heavily criticized Saravanan for his past deeds. Even Chinmayi Sripada, an acclaimed singer, also criticized Saravanan.

Saravanan apologized for in-front of the camera by saying that he needs to clarify something. According to the actor, it was a stupid thing which he did in his college days. However, Bigg Boss eliminated him from the show. Moreover, the eighth week Bigg Boss also had a wild card entry named, Kasturi.

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