Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Thesni Khan Eliminated: New Wild Card Entrance is On the Card

Though Saturdays and Sundays are the days of elimination in Big Boss, the elimination on Saturday is extremely rare. Therefore, the recent elimination of Thesni Khan on the Saturday episode was completely shocking.

In her last speech, Thesni Khan claimed that she is extremely happy as she will able to see everyone. I am proud that no one is angry at me here, and I have no hate-feeling for anyone, she added.

The reaction of the Contestants

Once Mohanlal announced the elimination, there were a variety of reactions in the house. Veena Nair shared her surprises and revealed that she did not expect about the elimination as it was a Saturday. In a conversation between Pradeep and Vishnu, Pradeep shared his feelings about the latest elimination. He claimed that Thesni Khan was the most likely candidate for elimination. On the other hand, Arya revealed that desperation was the major cause of elimination for Thesni Khan. The elimination of Thesni Khan was on the card, as she had the least disputes with the fellow contestants.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Thesni Khan Eliminated: New Wild Card Entrance is On the Card

The New Wild Card Entry

The Big Boss Malayalam is progressing towards its last leg; therefore, one can expect more such eliminations and Wild-card entries. The second season has witnessed as many as two wild-card entries, Daya Aswati and Jasla Madassery. But, the recent unexpected elimination creates the scope of another wild card entry in the Sunday episode.

The Saturday episode ended with mystery, as the promo for the Sunday hints at the arrival of a new participant. The social media is anxious about the new wild card entry, and they are assuming different names on various platforms.

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