Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Voting | How can you vote to save your favorite contestant

Bigg Boss Malayalam has already managed to cross an important milestone in the previous week. In the weekend episodes, around two contestants ended up going home which has created a tense environment in the house. The recent eviction has led contestants to believe that anything can happen in Bigg Boss.

In the meantime, there were three re-entries of the old contestants in the house of Bigg Boss. On the first day of this week, i.e., March 2, 2020, there was a nomination task where contestants took a shot at voting the contestants they didn’t like in the house. By the looks of it, the housemates have to vote two contestants in terms of nomination. Additionally, this week saw a subtle yet shocking surprise where Amrutha-Abriami was nominated to get evicted.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Voting | How can you vote to save your favorite contestant

Who has been nominated for elimination this week?

  • Amrutha-Abirami
  • Alasandra
  • Sujo Mathew
  • Pashnam Shaji
  • Veena Nair

In the weekend episodes this week, the audience will know if their favourite contestant has survived the eviction or not.

What is the voting procedure in Bigg Boss Malayalam?

  • The first and the former step that the audience have to do is install the Hotstar App on iOS as well as Android phone.
  • Later, they have to login to the app by using email or number. Here they also have to create an account in Hotstar.
  • The next step is extremely simple, they can simply search for the reality show, Bigg Boss Malayalam 2.
  • The next thing they need to do is choose the vote now button and cast vote for their favorite contestant.
Sujeeth Kalyan
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