Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote Results for Sixth Elimination 7th Week September 6: Ravi, Ali and Mahesh In Danger

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote Results: This time the season 3 of Bigg boss Telugu is breaking all the TRP records and its TRP is increasing week after week. The reason behind the success of Bigg boss Telugu season 3 is that there are different types of contestants in this season, a great host and a perfect mixture of romance, drama, controversies, and fun.

After Shilpa Chakravarthy and house with the wild card entry, Bigg Boss Telugu started to get a lot of fame because of the new controversies. After the robbery task has been given to the contestants, a lot of controversies have been started in the house and are exposing new faces as we are going to the 7th-week elimination at the end of this week.

As you know Baba Bhaskar has been nominated for the captaincy and this scenario might give a twist to the elimination in this week. And the Captain is being given a chance to save one contestant from the elimination irrespective of the audience votes. If this happens then chances are that Shree Mukhi will be saved by Baba Bhaskar.

Until now Rohini, Jaffar, Ashu, Hema, and Tamanna have been eliminated and Mahesh, Ravi, Ali, Shree Mukhi, and Rahul have been nominated for eliminated for this week of elimination. In the last week Punarnavi, Mahesh and Himaja were nominated for the elimination but we did not see any elimination though. And as you know a wild card entry has happened this week that is why elimination will surely take place this week.

As mentioned above there are four male contestants nominated for the elimination of this week so the chances are that male contestants will be eliminated in this week.

Is The Captaincy Task Going To Impact the Voting Pattern Until the Deadline?

bigg boss telugu 3 elimination - 2

Until now in Season 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu, the robbery task is one of the ugliest tasks given to the contestants due to which a lot of controversies are also happening. This is why Ali is being targeted now but Punarnavi is denying this statement.

The elimination of this week of the Bigg Boss Telugu contestants is very critical because Shree Mukhi and Ravi are the strong contestants of the house but others are not so they are in much more danger than Shree Mukhi and Ravi.

The number of votes for the nominated contestants for this week of elimination have been given below:-

  • Ravi Krishna – 161616 votes
  • Shreemukhi – 171326 votes
  • Ali Reza – 175222 votes
  • Mahesh Vitta – 179236 votes
  • Rahul – 195236 votes


  1. Rahul should win… It’s my desire… Srimukhi should not target Rahul for everytime… Its very unfair.. We all oppose for it…

  2. Rahul is pathetically despicable, he should be eliminated and permanently banned from society. He is only liked by low minded people like him.

  3. Ali elimination is not good it’s hurting to fans of Ali miss you brother can u give your number my number is 9010276984
    My name venky

  4. Plz be eliminate for sree mukhee she always targeting for Rahul
    She not giving for respect baba Bhaskar
    And she making a sound pollution

  5. Vouts Ali ki akkuvaga unna endhuku eliminate chesaru .ee bigg Boss show lo Thane asalu hero Thana game Thanu correct ga aduthinadu .thanaku yedi wrong yedhu right annipisthe adhe chepthava adhe chesthadu.

  6. Ali got more vote then why he eliminated.we want to see him again as wildcard contestant in Bigboss.He is strong contestant.He will definately win Bigboss title, if he is in Bigboss house.

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