Big Boss Telugu Vote: Who will be the Winner of Battle of Medallion ?

The latest episode of the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 started with the Battle of Medallion. As there was a tough competition among the contestants, they all were seen fighting very hard with each other to win the medal.

For the first round of the Battle of Medallion, Vithika, Siva Jyothi, and Baba Bhaskar were given a task in which they had to carry water from the two taps and fill it in their respective containers. But the twist here is that the task was to be continued until the smiley balls in the containers are up. Punarnavi was appointed as the referee of the task.

Big Boss Telugu Vote: Who will be the Winner of Battle of Medallion ?

Meanwhile, the other contestants were supporting their favorite ones. They could also stop anyone from winning the game.

In amidst the ongoing task, a huge verbal fight took place between Varun and Baba Bhaskar as one tries to stop other from winning the game. While Varun tries to explain himself and why he did it, Baba asks him not to get into a physical fight.

As the task moves forward, Ali starts filling Siva Jyothi’s container, thereby leaving his own game. In turn, the other contestants left a question mark on him as to why is he supporting his co-contender Siva Jyothi instead of focusing on his own game.

Sreemukhi, Vithika and other contestants think it is unfair and demand clarification on the same from Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss announced that he along with Shiva Jyothi has been disqualified. Ali Reza’s fans are quite disappointed over his act.

Finally, Vithika became the winner of the task and has entered the final level of the Battle of Medallion.

Now, let’s wait and watch that who will be the winner of Round 2 of Battle of Medallion.

Naina Mulchandani
Naina Mulchandani
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