BB13 – First-ever Nomination process in Bigg Boss 13: What is the status quo of the contestants?

By the looks of it, the first day of Bigg Boss 13 did incorporate a significant amount of drama and now the audience is split into two groups, namely “the ones that like the show” and “the ones that do not like the show.” Past deeds will always catch up to the contestants in Bigg Boss. In addition to this, the second day and the second episode packs something great in the show.

The first-ever nomination in the Bigg Boss 13

The nomination process concerning the eviction in Bigg Boss’ house begins on the first day. During the process, the female had to give their hearts to the male contestants in the house. Later, the male contestants have to accept the heart or simply just break the heart.

During the process, Rashami gave her heart to the contestant namely, Paras Chhabra and she said that is it easy to talk to him. In addition to this, Aarti and Devoleena gave their hearts to the contestant Siddharth Shukla. Moreover, Siddharth had chosen Aarti’s heart over Devoleena, where the latter calls him smart. Koena Mitra votes for the contestant, namely, Paras Chhabra and tells that he is good with everyone. In addition to this, Shefali also chooses Paras’s name.

Fight between Shefali and Paras in Bigg Boss 13, 2nd Day

After Paras rejected the heart of Shefali, the duo began to fight immediately. Simply put, Paras and Shefali got into a significant argument where she called Paras a crying baby.

Shefali also said that Paras is making fun of her emotions. In addition to this, she also called him dual-faced. Rashami was trying to calm down Paras in between the mess.

Sujeeth Kalyan
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