Are Drupal Templates the Right Choice for Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

Running a Drupal website? Then it is no secret to you that this versatile CMS system is integrated with a multitude of systems and platforms.

What does it mean for businesses? You save time while creating a highly personalized online spot for users without switching between various tools. For marketers, that is also a big win. With a highly personalized landing page, you automate many tedious tasks. For example, you build email campaigns and social media posts to keep the audience in the know of the latest news or events.

The good news is that creating one with premium Drupal templates when from TemplateMonster you need is pretty easy. Without getting too technical.

How to Build Marketing Landing Page with Drupal Templates?

Creating an advertising campaign requires some effort. The task becomes even trickier if it encourages online crawlers to continue to explore your offerings. The beauty of Drupal is its block nature. In this case, that is something you need.

With a template, you get a well-organized webpage consisting of horizontal segments, say bricks. Each brick might contain any content you can imagine. This way, you use content blocks to form a consistent whole that reflects the nature of your ad campaign.

Thanks to the layout builder module, you see how your elements are displayed on the screen. With drag-and-drop, you place and replace them as per your liking. And the best part is that you do not have to interfere with the code. Landing pages are not regular ones and require a specific type of content. It should be simple, clean, and modern, and attract the target audience to explore your offerings further. The beauty of Drupal templates is that they allow not experienced users to quickly create the landing pages they need.

Below are a few must-haves in designing landing pages that increase conversions.

#1 Clear and benefit-oriented headline

The headline should be relevant to your topic and sound compelling. Whether it provides news, an easy solution, or interest, it needs to make readers want to read more.

#2 A trusted element

Consumers expect brands to be transparent. Mention reputable brands to build trust with your customers. That will work as proof that your brand is worth partnering with.

#3 Add power with the words ‘Free” and “You”

Hearing or reading the word “Free” changes the way we feel, think, and act. Resisting the temptation to get freebies is almost impossible.

#4 An attractive, conscious CTA

Landing pages are built around CTAs. Combined with writing in the first person CTA has the power to boost conversions.

#5 Social proof

Positive word of mouth is always invaluable to a business. It builds trust with the audience. Do not be shy of testimonials, media coverage, and awards. In 2023, let others compliment you.

#6 A clear navigation

Header and footer areas of a webpage help site visitors navigate your pages. For marketers, these are the holes that can lead potential customers from your offerings. Give them no choice: either go back, exit the browser window, or convert on your offer.

How to Choose the Right Drupal Templates for Marketing Campaign?

Among hundreds of beautiful solutions, there is always the trick: what is the best pick for me? When using a Drupal website, it is important to know how to make it work to benefit your marketing campaign. There are a range of modules and extensions that make it easier for you to activate your marketing efforts right off the bat.

A good rule of thumb is to go for a template that offers the following functionality:


Newsletters and promotions are a part of any marketing campaign. Emails are still hot and are the go-to choice for users worldwide. With MailChimp, customize every tiny design detail of your email to match your branding aesthetic.

Google Analytics

If you do not measure, how do you know you succeed? Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking your web page visits.


A clean code built-in in the Drupal template reduces the guesswork in your SEO. It ensures your web page follows the latest SEO practices in terms of content visibility on search engines.

Working web forms

Create any type of form to collect any type of data you need. Take advantage of these modules to create a powerful marketing strategy that will help you reach your goals.

Social media

Make your content user-friendly. Add sharing buttons to encourage followers to spread your message. With 4.59 billion users in 2022, it is a chance to increase your brand visibility and reach potential audiences wherever they are in the world.

Ready to Start Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign with Drupal Templates?

If Drupal is new to your team, know that creating a website using Drupal templates is possible with planning and effort. Again, there is a sea of premium products ready to help you get started.

When building your next successful marketing strategy for a Drupal website, think about your customers first. They want to enjoy a seamless user experience while interacting with your offerings. They have landed on your landing page for a reason, so please give it to them.

Be more productive. Get up and make your content translation ready. The case studies show that translation helps attract foreign visitors, allowing you to bring in more footprints across new markets and localizations.

Improve the speed of your page, including personalized emails. Ensure you have the right modules in place to help your marketing campaign succeed and bring results.

It is smart to learn from competitors who run Drupal websites. Check what has to be done and how they leverage the best practices. See what makes their offerings attractive to their audiences.

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