Alice Gari from Splitsvilla X2 Season12 Contestant: Wiki, Biography, Age, Personal Life, and more

It seems like Splitsvilla was eyeing to find a dusky and beautiful woman who would instantly make people fall in love with her. By the looks of it, the potential heartbreaker of Splitsvilla X2, Alice Gari has got everybody’s attention in the country.

The famous model has a distinctive personality with a tanned complexion and a well-proportionate figure. Gari also had made a name for herself via the video-sharing app, Musically. Moreover, her entry into Splitsvilla would give her the platform she needed for a long time.

Gari: Personal life, Age, Measurement

Alice Gari is born to a father who has his roots from the UK, and her mother is an Indian. Furthermore, this makes her the best of both worlds. Although the real age of Alice Gari is unconfirmed, it is safe to presume that she is 22-years-old.

The measurements of Gari’s body is yet to be known. On the other hand, she always tells that she doesn’t work out much. However, to flaunt a perfect figure, she must be involved in athletic activities one way or another.

  • Alice Gari’s weight is 127.86 pounds.
  • As far as her height is concerned, Gari is around 5’3”.

In addition to this, Gari’s birthplace and hometown are in New Delhi. But, she presently resides in the posh part of Mumbai.

alice gari

Educational Background, Relationship Status and popularity in Social Media

Alice Gari is a real genius when it comes to education. She did her graduation from Jesus & Mary college by accumulating major in History. When she is not in the limelight, Gari is also a notable content writer. Sources suggest that Gari has done an internship with UC Browser for around three months.

Gari is extremely popular on Instagram. She has around 8K follows in the photo-sharing platform. As far as relationship status is concerned, Gari is surprisingly single. If everything works out well in Splitsvilla Season 12, Gari might end up being in a relationship with someone or not. It is entirely up to her.

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