5 Steps to Create a Logo You Admire

Creating a logo can be a defining moment for your brand or business, especially considering the fact that people see it and identify the product or services you offer.

What Is a Logo

A logo is a design or a curated symbol that is used to identify the company, its services, or its products. Logos ought to be simple and straight to the point. It can also help make a statement about your company, for instance, people know different types of social media just from their logos.

How To Create A Good Logo

Look at similar brands

It is said there is nothing new under the sun and as you begin crafting your logo, you can start by looking at what the others in the industry are doing. It does not mean you should copy or imitate the others, but looking around gives inspiration and provides some direction on how or where to start.

Have the Design Elements

The design elements are the basis of every logo. They help you create a logo that is relevant, stylish, and beautiful. These elements include everything from the color palette you select to things in the industry like leaves, cars, and other aspects you can use. Once you have collected these, you start the actual work. This is also the time you might need to look for a logo generator like Adobe Spark.


After you have an idea of what you want and what the client expects, you can begin the sketch work on paper. This is when you put things together, dismantle them and rebuild them until you find something that works out for you and your client.

This is probably where the bulk of the work is at. You might need to consult with your client a lot more times before the final product is decided upon.

Use The Right Tools

The tools of the trade are one of the most important aspects of the design process. The software you use should be updated, use a logo generator when needed, explore fonts and vector drawings that will help you make the best logo. Companies like Adobe are dedicated to creating the best software and editing tools that help photographers and other designers create the best art.


Once a logo is decided upon, as a designer, you need to decide on the different formats on which the logo will go onto. Depending on the client, some might be blown up to appear on billboards or more. As a designer, you need to ensure that whatever format is required is available without a compromise of the quality.

Logos are an important aspect of a brand, especially in marketing. Designing it is a short process that requires a lot of creativity and inspiration and once you spend a lot of time around other creators, you can be able to create better.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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