Yuvarathnaa Day 2 Collection – 2nd Day Box Office Collection and Occupancy rates: Kannada industry, Telugu industry

Yuvaratna, the much anticipated Kannada movie, graced the theatres on 1st April 2020; it was a thought-provoking, entertaining flick with an important message for the discrepancies in the education system.

The movie was a box office hit, and we can indeed claim that the magic of Puneeth did work. After all, he is the powerhouse of Sandalwood ( Kannada film industry ).

Box Office and Occupancy rates: Kannada Industry

The movie performed pretty on the first day of its release, grossing 8.60 crores all over India, entering into the category of a ‘hit.’ On the second day, the movie still managed to capture the audience with an occupancy rate of 23.55% amongst Kannada movies.

Yuvarathnaa Movie

The second-day occupancy rates were 17.48% for morning shows, 29.6% for afternoon shows, evening and night show’s data is yet to be released. When a movie can make the lads show up in the morning with a whopping 17.48% of the entire Kannada industry, it must be unbelievably wholesome.

The two-day net collection grossed up to 13.10 crores, with the 1st-day collection being 8.60 and the 2nd-day collection being 4.50 crores, respectively. The two days collection of overseas data is yet to be released. The two-day collection from northern India is also yet to be released.

The Kannada film industry strives on the cities comprising Karnataka; let’s look at the figures of cities consisting of the state. Bengaluru occupancy rate was 22% with 16% and 28% respectively for morning and afternoon shows, while it was gross 55%, 43%, and 68% for Mysore.

1% for Mangalore, gross 20%, 15% and 25% for Hubbali, gross 3.5% with 5% and 2% for Mumbai, gross 41% with 25% and 57%for Kalaburagi, gross 18% with 7% and 29% for Belagavi and gross 50% with 100% morning shows for Devanagari.

Box Office and Occupancy Rates: Telugu Industry

Now moving a bit towards the south, the Telugu speakers’ occupancy rate was as follows, morning shows had occupancy of 24.87%. In comparison, the afternoon shows had occupancy of 21.35%; the data for the evening and night shows is yet to be released.

The Telugu-speaking cities such as Hyderabad showed a gross occupancy rate of 16%, with 20% and 12% for morning and afternoon shows, gross 4% with 0% and 8% for Vishakhapatnam, gross 39.50% with 43% and 36% for Vijayawada.

Gross 80.50% with 77% and 84% for Warangal, 0% for Guntur, gross 25% with 25% and 0% for Nizamabad, and 0% for Chennai.


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