Video of a Dog Stealing Food from the Kitchen Gets Viral

Can you imagine an animal robbing food? Do you believe that animals are susceptible to hunger in the same way that humans are? Do you think pets are a hassle when they grow old?

Dogs are intelligent animals, and they can do some of the most amusing things when no one is looking. However, one dog was captured in the process of stealing food while his human was presumably not watching.

Video of a Dog Stealing Food from the Kitchen Gets Viral

A black dog demonstrated his intelligence and executed an astounding stunt that most people would be surprised to witness in less than half a minute on the internet.

Sander, a fur parent from the Netherlands, posted a video of his black dog carefully dragging a chair across the kitchen floor.

When he got to the kitchen counter, he climbed up onto a chair to get the food onto a plate. The dog relished his dinner while wagging his tail, as shown in the video.

Sander tweeted about his dog that when he leaves him for just a minute.

The popular tweet has received over 3.3 million views and several reactions from individuals who are awestruck by Sander’s pet.

Meanwhile, another pet parent told how her dachshund stole pizza off the coffee table. From the back of the couch, the cute puppy shocked everyone.

Dogs, regardless of breed or origin, have a way with humans, as evidenced by a cute dog from India that comically begged for food from his human.

It can appear in the video that the dog appeared to be hungry and enraged, to the point where he began to bark. He grabbed his lunch plate by the mouth and hurled it on the floor in rage after a few seconds. Nonetheless, it turned out to be amusing.

Humans are fortunate to have pets, but they are often taken for granted. To avoid the obligation of caring for a senior dog or cat, some people, including a callous man from Texas, dump their pets when they get older.

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