Nani’s Tuck Jagadish OTT release date, cast, plot and trailer

The most anticipated Telugu movie Tuck Jagadish is supposed to turn up on the OTT platform soon. Nani is famous for his natural and versatile acting. His huge fanbase has waited enough for the release of the much-awaited Film of 2021, Tuck Jagadish. However, considering the current situation of covid-19 and the future warning of the third wave, it would not be easy to release any movie in the theatre. So the creators’ team has decided to launch Tuck Jagadish on the OTT platform. According to sources on Vinayaka Chavithi, this film is supposed to be streamed on Amazon Prime.


The movie story is still in ambiguity. This is because there are so many theories regarding the plot of the movie. According to many sources, Jagapathi and Nani would play the role of two brothers.

Tuck Jagadish OTT

These two brothers are dealing with some complex relationships between them. But one day, Ganapathi Babu will be beaten due to land issues. Now the story evolves according to the revenge of Nani for beating his brother. However, this is the blowing theory of the movie synopsis. This movie is generally going to be a family drama related to the village backdrop.

Cast and crew

Along with Nani and Jagapathi Aishwarya, Rajesh and Ritu Varma will play the female costars. Moreover, this movie will be seen in Daniel Balaji, Nassar B, Thiruveer, Rohini, Praveen. Harish Peddi and Sahu Ganapati have produced the film. The director is Shiva Nirvana. The shooting began in the year 2020. But it was later canceled due to the emergence of pandemics.

Ott release date and digital rights

Digital rights of tuck Jagadish are sold to Amazon prime because the warning of the third wave has bound it to launch the movie in the OTT platform rather than theatres. Tuck Jagadish will be aired on Amazon prime on the date 10th September 2021.

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