‘This Is Us Season’ 6 Release Date, Cast, Story : Is it the last time we see the Pearsons and Big Three?

This Is Us is one of the most incredible family drama on television since the first season. The forward and backward flashback of the series has been a delightful experience for fans and critics worldwide. Everything beautiful or something that we all love on the TV must come to an end; well, the same happened with Breaking Bad, The Wire, Daredevil, and what-not. It might be hard to see the Pearson family go, given that the fifth season is currently running. The sixth season might be the last.

The good news is the sixth season has been greenlit, and the bad news? It’s the last. The reality of the hit series’ ending will haunt everyone, but it’s how things work. Everything, one day or the other, has to end.

The sixth season was meant to be the last was always the plan

The sixth season of The Is Us was renewed back in 2019, as revealed by Dan Fogelman, the showrunner. Fogelman’s vision was to run the series for only six seasons because then the story would have been told.

Fogelman said that the series was not meant to last for 18 seasons, so everything has always been quite direct. The script pages for the last season are already written, and the future of the series will go as deep as the blue seas.

So many loose ends to tie before the grand finale

There are many things in the plot and the story to tie up all of the loose ends. A season and a half are more than enough to tie up all of the loose ends. Moreover, the Pearson family is all set to bid farewell to Rebecca with Nicky at their side. But there are so many things the Pearsons have to go through before the dust settles. Most importantly, will Rebecca reunite with Jack at the end of the tunnel.

Moreover, some of the critical questions that still surround are if Toby and Kate are together? And if Madison and Kevin make their relationship turn into a marriage? All people want is to get a compelling and satisfying conclusion with a significant amount of tears involved.

There is some good news with a disheartening truth

The story about the series’ end is heartbreaking, but this is planned from the beginning. Moreover, the season finale is packing some of the best unravelings. By the looks of it, fans will get to meet some of the new Pearsons who have never seen on screen before.

An interview with Chrissy Metz, who portrays Kate Pearson’s role back in January 2021 with NBC, will enthrall the fans. Moreover, the cast is entirely in disarray; however, the show’s end might not bring a lot.

There are also chances that the series might have an unprecedented spin-off. There are also chances that the sixth season might extend to the seventh season. Irrespective of what will happen, season 6 is still alive, and the final will be great.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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