The Family Man Season 2 Release Date, Manoj Bajpai is happy with the 2nd Season

In Conversation With Manoj Bajpai:

Ever sinceThe Family Man Season 1 was released, the fans couldn’t stop gushing in anticipation of the next season. The second installment, though the creators and the ‘Man have confirmed it,’ Manoj Bajpai himself will release soon by the end of summer in 2021.

The Amazon series had its audience over the edge of their seats with a humorous plot and a mischievous attempt on making it about an ordinary man, leading a double life, one in which he is a husband and a father while the other life, in which he is a CIA agent under The National Surveillance Investigation Department of India. With a plot as such, it was inevitable that the wait would be painful.

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His Take On The Controversy:

After the unfortunate Tandav controversy, with the government issuing new guidelines for the OTT platforms, the rumors began that The Family Man 2 might get canceled; some people went as far as to state that the first season might also face a set-back because of it. Bollywood Hungama managed to get Manoj Bajpai interviewed; let’s see what this splendidly astounding actor had to say about the series.

The Team-Player:

He expressed how much he was over the cloud on finishing season 2; he went on to talk about how brilliantly the whole team has worked on it. Attention to detail is the essence of the series, though it was rampant in the first season.

He said he believes in teamwork, and according to him, a project is lifeless without the team’s spirit. Similar sentiments he shared concerning The Family Man, he said that the second season was so memorable for him and others that the team craved each other’s company and the energy they share on the set.

The Family Man Season 2 Release Date and Post-Production Details:

With the COVID-19 situation hitting hard, the season has already been delayed two times as the whole filming got disrupted, again and again; initially, it was supposed to be released in August 2020,then it got postponed toFebruary 2021but got canceled again.

But the wait is finally almost over as the actor in the same interview with Bollywood Hungama expressed about the premiere of the second season by the end of summer 2021. Manoj Bajpai shared how he has to become a fan of the series and thus himself is as restless as the fans out there, longingly waiting for a confirmed release date.

He told how the creators and Amazon has been working on the post-production development of the second season. He said that the series might take a little longer because Amazon Prime is, as of now, working on


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