The Boys Season 3: New Cast Members joins the TV Series – Release Date soon

Katia Winter is the new cast member to join the list of talented actors in the third season of The Boys. Katia Winter will be portraying the role of Little Nina, a mob boss of Russian origins,

Katia Winter gained popularity after featuring in roles in both Sleepy Hollow and Dexter. As per the sources, Winter, the talented 37-year-old actor, is all set to bring the iconic comic character into the live-action version of The Boys. The creators of the comic book franchise The Boys, Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis’ are known for creating a great character at bringing explosions into the series.

The Boys Season 3: Who is the Russian mob boss?

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As per the comics’ details, Nina has reportedly worked with Vought by utilizing a less potent version of the Compound-V formula, which turns ordinary people into superheroes. Nina’s test subjects did have a typical display of attributes, getting the head blown off like watermelons.

Moreover, Nina also has a few NSFW interests in the department of the toy. Nina will light up one of the most acclaimed series on Amazon Prime Video with a bit of mini-sized chaos. Winters is going to join The Supernatural Alumnus Jensen Ackles as a newcomer in the third season. Ackles will be portraying Soldier Boy’s role, the original superhero just like Marvel’s Captain America, in the third season.

Katia Winder is playing a prevalent character from the comics

The role of Katia Winter is all set to be a recurring one. She is playing quite an infamous character that comes straight from the comics. Nina is a mob boss who prefers the sex toys that give death ranks was already one of the most shocking moments in the comics.

Also, in the comics, the death of Little Nina was the most shocking moment. There will be inevitable spoilers regarding the death of Nina. Brace yourself! Billy Butcher killed Nina by sneaking in and putting a detonator in one of Nina’s vibrators and blow it when she was using the said sex toy on a plane.

The filming of The Boys has already begun since the end of February 2021. Stormfront might be dead; there is a highly likely chance that The Boys season three won’t showcase the villain as Aya Cash already revealed she’s not coming back in the third season.

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